2020 Options at Grindhouse MMA!


by Greta Rodkey – Grindhouse MMA Owner

Ready to make yourself a priority in 2020? Ready for something different? We have several options to choose from at Grind House MMA!

  1. Bootcamp: Get a jumpstart on 2020 with Grind House MMA Bootcamp! Blast calories, build muscle, increase speed and agility, and increase your endurance! Our strength and conditioning Bootcamp with some MMA flare, is both challenging and fun! You’ll love these interval workouts and quickly realize what sets us apart from other boot camps! A typical bootcamp class will put you through 3 rounds of around 10 exercises each for 50 seconds with a 15 minute break in between exercises. Every day is a different, working different body parts to maximize results. Every exercise can be modified to fit your fitness level, so the workouts are for everyone. It’s an amazing, supportive group that is always welcoming to newcomers of ages 13 and up!
  2. MMA/Muay Thai: Stressed out after the holidays? Kids driving you crazy? Come and try the therapeutic benefits of striking and kicking in our MMA/Muay Thai class! This class begins with 3, 3 minute rounds of jump rope with a 30 second rest between sets. Then it’s onto working a combo with your partner. Together, you will each perform the combo for 3, 3 minute rounds with one parent doing he combo and the other holding either Thai pads or focus mitts. The combos vary class to class with combinations of striking, kicks, knees strikes, elbows, takedowns, etc. This full body workout will get you back in shape fast while relieving stress, improving hand/eye coordination, timing, footwork and stamina. This class is good for beginners as well as advanced clients with workouts tailored to the individuals skill level. This is a co-ed class for ages 13 and up.
  3. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Every woman should be able to defend themselves. What better New Year’s resolution than being prepared in the unfortunate event you need to defend yourself. This class offers 2 days of self-defense classes and 4 Gi jiu-jitsu classes each week. You will learn various self-defense techniques, submissions, chokes and takedowns, while getting a great conditioning workout! This class will challenge you both mentally and physically and will help build self-confidence that will help in every aspect of life. This co-ed class is beginner friendly for ages 13 and up and taught in a non-intimidating, pro-learning, family-like environment.


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