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Greta Rodkey, co-owner of Grindhouse MMA gym in Boerne has taken a hobby designed to improve her physical health and turned it into a lifestyle and passion that has helped countless local men and women grow their fitness, and more importantly, their self confidence. Along with her business partner Jason Correia, the two have big plans for a new facility and new offerings.

Rodkey and her husband Mark (Pediatric Emergency Room doctor) moved to the area 10 years ago, and Rodkey couldn’t be happier with the decision. “I’m really glad we didn’t have to move to Houston – I love this area, and our children love it and I don’t think anybody is ever going to leave the state.” Quickly beginning training with Correia in a bootcamp at Athletic Republic (now closed), Rodkey quickly saw the workouts as tremendously beneficial to her. “I love punching, the therapeutic energy of being able to work through my emotions and my aggressions. I love the challenge of it. It’s the best workout and best cardio work I’ve ever done. It’s hard and it’s taxing and I just love the challenge of it.”

As Rodkey continued to work with Correia and grow her passion for the sport, Athletic Republic closed abruptly and the two began to move forward with the idea for a new gym. She continues, “Jason runs the MMA program as head trainer and personal training, I run Strike Fit classes, as well as helping out with the boot camps. I run a little more of the business side of things, and Jason runs the MMA program which has worked great for us as partners.”

Their current location off of Shooting Club Rd opened in March of 2017 and the two are striving forward with some big plans for a new gym on South School Street next to the First Baptist Church. “The location is amazing and gets tons of traffic. We get very little traffic at our current location, and so the increased visibility is exciting. Being closer to the main heart of Boerne will also be great. The new one will include the general fitness area, locker rooms, showers, a full MMA cage, boxing ring, huge mat space, bags, speed bags and then upstairs we’ll have spin classes, cardio kick boxing, yoga, tae kwon do and a lot more. There’ a lot of gyms, but we want to be the one where people come to work out and train – more of a training facility – not just a typical gym. And at 10,000 square feet, we’ll have space for so much more equipment and offerings.”

Correia adds, “Our vision is to create a culture and a different way of working out – the dream is just to expand on that knowledge and instead of just going to the gym working out, they can come here and work out and do something different and be a part of something different. We’re doing so well in such an off the path location right now and when they come here we retain them because people love who we are as people and how we train as people. It’s infectious. People stop us all the time and just tell us that ‘We love it here!’ – we’ve had over 600 people come through here in the past 2 years and it’s just amazing. Greta builds so much in the women that come here and the perseverance and it’s what we strive in.” Rodkey continues, “I only have had positive feedback from people about a woman running a gym like this. I had a lot of support from other women and thought that it was a great goal to have. Some of the ladies can be intimidated by the men in our classes, as we frequently train with men. But we make sure that people are comfortable. People can be intimidated by hitting things and people. It took me a long time to be able to hit someone. Jason used to yell at me about that.”

The journey has not been without adversity, however. Rodkey continues, “I got breast cancer in ’18. 33 rounds of radiation, 2 surgeries, and now I’m on medicine for the next 5 years but I beat it. It slowed me down a lot. The training helped me so much to get through it. I would be frustrated coming in with the medical stuff in my life, and I could come here and drop it. The boot camp ladies were a great source of support for me and it was so overwhelming. We have the greatest clients in the world and I love them all.”

As if that wasn’t enough, she adds, “We also flooded 6 months ago with the spring rains and the clients showed up to help clean it just because they wanted to work out. Are you going to hear that at Planet Fitness? No. They’re literally family here, and I am stunned over and over how much our clients get from here and what we mean to them and vice-versa. Many clients have said that this is a family, and we just embrace that.”

With the new gym imminently opening, the duo is poised to really do some amazing things in the local fitness training community. Rodkey finishes, “We’re just unique and we really don’t’ have much competition locally. We make people want to train hard. You can’t come and sit on the bench and forget what you’re doing. There’s so many athletes and non-athletes that just want to better themselves…and we’re not here to mess around…we’re here to grow and we want to help you do that. Our business motto is something that we really live by: Better fight for something than live for nothing.”




Greta’s Coaching – Strike Fit instructor, personal trainer, certified MMA conditioning specialist, fitness nutrion coach, weight loss specialist, Spin Power certified.

Jason’s Coaching– MMA coach, Bootcamp instructor, personal trainer


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