Publisher’s Letter – Jan/Feb 2019


To all the wonderful women of Kendall County,

What an exciting day – being able to finally welcome you to the inaugural issue of Kendall County Woman magazine!

This project has been bouncing around the minds of the team behind the publication for several years, but we were finally able to catching lightning in a bottle and bring this to life. I have always pictured in my mind what I thought the magazine could look like and what it could have to say, and while I hope that we get even better as we go along, I think I speak for the entire team when I say that I think that this magazine is just what we all hoped that it could be.

I have lived in Kendall County since the late ‘80s, and as we all know, things have certainly changed. While some things might have changed for the worse, the infusion of amazingly vibrant and powerful women to our community has been truly inspiring. That’s where I suppose my personal inspiration for this publication originated: a devout appreciation and recognition that this area has countless women that are having tremendous impacts on business, charities, and their families. I’ve lived from Corpus Christi to Boston in my career, but when I am in this community, I sense such a collective sense of community, amongst women in particular.

We are all busy. With our careers. With our families. With our friends. I’m no different. Yet, in Kendall County, this seems to only inspire the women in this community to dig a little deeper, invest more time, and try even harder to better the lives of everyone around us. For that, I’m overwhelmingly proud.  Also, because of that, how can we not have our magazine yet?! We might not realize it, but Kendall County women are probably the most influential demographic in the area. Generally speaking, we own a great percentage of local businesses, we are heavily involved with local charities and churches, and let’s face it, for the most part, women “run” the home. With these things in mind, I hope that we can take you as the reader on a bit of a journey and introduce you to fellow women of Kendall County and tell their stories.

Our first cover story, Kristy Watson is such a great example. A business owner. An inventor. A long time resident. A tireless volunteer. And a widow. Kristy moved here from Michigan, and upon first setting foot in Kendall County, knew that this was HOME. Since then, she has invested her life heavily in the community and is a tremendous testimony to hard work and chasing a dream, even with such massive letdowns as the loss of her husband. I hope you enjoy the story.

As I mentioned, I hope that we can introduce you to the colorful characters that are sitting right next to you at the coffee shop. To do this, I’d like to enlist your help: I WANT YOUR HELP. If you know of a great story, then shoot me an email. It doesn’t matter if it’s your best friend or simply the owner of a business that you frequent…if you think that a particular person should be celebrated, then we want to know about it. The best articles we run are the ones that come from folks like yourself that tell us about it. So don’t be shy – drop us an email and we’ll take it from there.

Lastly, I just wanted to say a special word of THANKS to the many advertisers that we have in this first issue. The company behind this publication has been doing magazines for over a decade, but the first issues are always the hardest because we didn’t have anything to show them yet, but we just told them about our idea and they were kind enough to support it. The response has been great, the feedback has been overwhelming, and the public interest has been tangible.

So THANK YOU for taking a chance on us, and we hope that we delivered.


Peggy Schooley


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