Publisher’s Letter – Mar/April 2019


To the wonderful women of Kendall County,

Welcome to our sophomore effort of Kendall County Woman magazine.

It has been so wonderful to be out around town and have so many of you stop to congratulate the team on our inaugural issue and for getting the entire concept off the ground. I knew that the magazine would be a welcome addition to our community, but it’s been so refreshing to have so many reader’s comment on everything from how the magazine looks and on what it has to say!  The celebration of our local women leaders in all facets of the community…entrepreneurs, ranchers, corporate leaders, mothers, wives, daughters…is the core tenet of our magazine, and I hope that this message comes across in every single issue we do.

A great case in point is this issue’s cover story featuring Cali Redd and Jessica Johnson of Solid Realty.  These two are perfect examples of the women that we love to spotlight. Through the  twists and turns of life, they were ultimately led to team up in new careers for both of them, and to then change the rules for the time-honored industry of real estate.  As so many of us, Jessica and Cali are very involved with their own families and very busy personal schedules.  But, as so many of us also know, that is usually just one part of a busy woman’s life.  In Cali and Jessica’s world, they’ve managed to take a very established, “dry” profession like real estate and mix it up enough that they are having fun AND are managing to change their client’s lives for the better.  That has to be the perfect result for all of us — change our lives, our world, and help others.  Great result!  Their “never give up” attitude has earned them the respect of their colleagues, and the appreciation of their clients

I hope you also note that we’ve expanded our content for this issue and added several articles, from a great health article by the team at Annie’s Apothecary, to a very thought provoking piece by Kayleigh Woolard about our relationships and how to never lose sight of those we love. We have some information on well-known attorney Heather Tessmer’s move to Boerne, and even a great spiritual article by local realtor Jamie Amermann.

We’ve been hard at work on this magazine and ensuring that it fulfills the vision of our intention. That said, it truly can flourish with your input! If you have a great story idea, drop me a note! If you know of a woman with a tremendous story to tell, or who owns a wonderful local business, or is leading a charge to a better Kendall County, let’s chat. We’re always on the lookout for new information, and we know that the best information will come from you!

Until next time,

Peggy Schooley


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