Summer Math Tips


Summer is finally here! Summer is the best time for your children to relax and have fun. However, your children still need to engage their brain so they do not forget everything they learned this past school year.

Reading during the summer months is imperative for your children to maintain their end of year reading level. Not reading during the summer will drop reading levels one to two grade levels. Spark their curiosity and imagination to keep them absorbed. This makes your kids want to keep reading and learning more. Some examples: read the same book and have book talks with your child; you read out loud to them; have your children read movie reviews to the family to determine what movies to see; go to the public library; read to younger cousins/siblings; read out loud to each other then set up scenes from the book using Legos or action figures; or read outside on a blanket together.

Math is just as important as reading. Practice those facts! Many children feel that just using fact cards are boring. Play addition games by adding up the numbers on car license plates as you are travelling. Let your children figure out the distance of your trip or find the quickest route to your destination. Have your children do your grocery shopping with you. Give them a “budget” of $20 and a list of what they need to buy and let them figure out how to accomplish this without coming back to you for more money. Have your child buy supplies for a meal with a given budget then prepare it for the family. Have them double the recipe so there are leftovers. Build a birdhouse together. Figure out the dimensions, buy the supplies having them figure cost, then build and hang it. Not only will your child have used math skills, they will have spent time with you adding a thing of beauty to encourage birds to your yard that you can all enjoy for years to come.

In Boerne, summer camps are rampant. We always have a great variety of sport camps going on that keep kids moving and learning new physical skills. Did you know that Boerne also has brain camps? Check out the Nature Center, the Public Library and a new company called STEMtastic. STEMtastic teaches robotics, 3D printing and engraving, building computers, 3D game design, video production and much more. Keeping the body and mind in shape is equally important.

Just remember, your child’s brain still needs to be engaged this summer. Like the old saying goes, “You’ll lose it if you don’t use it!”

Janie Sellers

Gayla Stevenson


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