The Health Benefits of Massage


GGetting a professional massage is often seen as a luxury. A “here’s a great Christmas present for Mom” type gift certificate to pamper someone in our lives. And while it IS a wonderful experience, the practice of massage is far more medicinal than most of us might realize. Nancy Frazier and her team at Massage Matters have been preaching on this topic for years, and with a New Year upon us, hope we’ll consider massages to be part of our healthcare in 2020.

Frazier, and her Manager PJ Noack, sit down to address some of the common misconceptions surrounding massage, but also some encouragement for others to get serious about their bodies and their health as we enter 2020. Frazier begins, “Somebody is always hurting when they come here. I treat extreme pain and conditions via massage. Our ad lists 25 different conditions that we are able to treat and most people don’t’ realize that. I like people to come in pre and post surgery, accidents, scoliosis, hips, knees…if you’ve tried pain management that didn’t work or physical therapy that has been ineffective. I want the people that have had the shots, the MRIs, the medicines…and nothing works. As a last resort they come to me, and 9 times out of 10 we can improve their lives. The chiropractor can’t help, nobody seems to be able to help. Normally it takes only a few sessions – most pain comes from our muscles, and that’s what we work through. You go to the chiropractor because your bones are out of alignment, but your muscles are so tight and that pulls things back out of alignment. So we can loosen those muscles and their body re-aligns.”

Noack adds, “ I tell people that the PT world and the massage therapy world are coming together. It’s the way that we get into the muscles and those joints without pain. I tell people that it’s about how the body moves and how we are able to work through their bodies and their muscles.”

The demographic of those that should be considering massages isn’t restricted to the stressed out mothers or sore weekend warriors, also. Frazier continues, “I wish I could get more of the high school students. They’re in sports year round now. Back in the day it was just the actual sports season, but they are competing 12 months a year now. They are training like pro athletes, but are not being worked on like pros. These athletes are not only training like crazy, but they are growing 3” a year and these kids are going to have life long injuries because they’re not getting the care that they need.” Noack continues, “I tell them you are working your muscles aggressively, but your muscles aren’t healthy and can’t perform like you need them to. And we can help them with that.”

But, as this magazine is geared for women, make no mistake that for the stressed and hurting women of Kendall County, a massage is just what the doctor ordered. Frazier explains, “Moms are so busy and we always put ourselves last. They’re going to say I don’t have time for me AND it’s just a luxury. You must take care of yourself first and have the healthy mind so you can have a healthy family. A general massage is good. As opposed to some franchise places, if they come in hurting in a particular area or don’t even realize where they’re hurting specifically, we’re going to be proactive and fix that before it becomes a big deal. We’re going to really focus and investigate and figure out the origin of your pain or discomfort – we’re going to tailor each massage to each individual patient. It’s never the same massage – we can merge in these different treatment techniques for each client, and you can’t get that at a franchise place and we use all natural products that are fully holistic.”

Noack says, “Massage certainly feels good, but it’s not just a feel-good service. They leave here and they honestly are surprised about how good they feel and how long it lasts. It’s part of our health care and I really wish people would begin to see that. It doesn’t matter if your lifestyle is pretty sedentary or you’re super active…it’s a service that can drastically improve your life.”

As for the recommended frequency, Frazier explains, “We are continually doing our advance certifications and educations and really hone in on therapeutic services for our clients. Life is stressful for people nowadays, and people are living longer, and we’re focusing more and more on becoming a part of people’s health care plan. We tell people to come in at least once per month just to maintain and we do that ourselves here as part of our own health care.”

Massage is more than just a luxury. As noted above, it should be considered as part of your overall healthcare, and be seen as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Frazier concludes, “We are so passionate about what we do, and we hope to share that passion with our clients and friends. We hate to see people in pain, especially when we know that we can help. Please take care of yourselves as best you can…and when your body is hurting, come see us.”

by Ben Schooley


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