The Quest for Treasures & Solutions


by Nancy Frazier, MMT, CCT, LMT

Pain. Constant, nagging, or sometimes, take-your-breath-away pain.

I had that type of pain growing up in my entire teen years. My mom would take me to various physicians for the pain in my legs that I continually complained about. Their diagnosis was ‘growing pains’ and ‘take aspirin’. I was a normal teen, quite healthy, active, great diet and living the farm life. So why the pain? I also had 3 siblings, each one year younger than me, who were in no pain, who had the same activity levels, who were just fine. My continual therapies were heat, cold, aspirin, resting, stretching, Ben Gay (it was the 70s), which only worked for ‘minutes’.

Fast forward 10 years, where I continue my pain relief quest. I am now in my 20’s, still have no diagnosis from physicians, so I venture on my own to finally find some relief for that “healthy person, with no other symptoms, just lots of pain in the legs”. It was then that I met John.

John was a Rolfer, a body/muscle worker, who said he could help me. Quite the skeptic, I thought I had nothing to lose. Over a period of 2 months, I saw John and he did a lot of ‘muscle work’ on me and for the first time in years, my pain was GONE. Fast forward 30 years, to current day and that haunting pain in my legs is a distant memory! This being said, rarely does only one form of therapy work for everyone, which is why it’s ALWAYS best to spend the time and look at you, the ‘whole person’.

For example, could the cause of your pain be any (or all!) of the following:

Lifestyle, job, hobbies, chemical makeup, age, past surgeries, medications, stress, repetitive movements, sleep patterns, exercise, food and activities??

That is a long, but important list! Having pain and stiffness is a sign that a condition may be preventable long before the surgery option may become a necessity. Becoming proactive and utilizing ‘alternative’ therapies may be the answer. People instinctively know the answer to their pain source. Some questions we should ask ourselves:

Total body pain? Possibly medicine/food, chemical reactions/toxicity, need supplementation.

Specific location pain? Pinched nerves, pulled/strained/torn muscles, ‘holding pattern’

Dull pain? Repetitive motions, being sedentary, tight muscles, life stress.

The above is just a brief overview of some of the causes/symptoms and how each might need a combination of treatments.

Since my twenties I have been on a holistic journey to understand the ways and wisdom (treasures!) of those who lived before us (both decades and centuries ago). These groups had only access to trial and error methods of what either healed or hurt them. Accessing their knowledge, combined with cutting edge science of today = success in health! I then took that passion for healing, plus my love of research and delved into the therapeutic profession of Medical Massage. I then packed up their hidden treasures and started my quest for solutions.

Some of the solutions I have personally witnessed and experienced are: Chiropractors who helped with pain of sudden, severe pinched nerves. Physical Therapy help for range of motion/strength issues. I always go to Massage/Bodywork for anything having to do with musculoskeletal ailments/pains and limitations. Acupuncture treatments to experience what they have to offer. Became qualified in essential oil and magnet therapy which (among many things) reduced tumors in the eyes and cured “incurable” skin conditions. I have facilitated people with chronic and acute pain get significant relief within hours. In lymph therapy, had a 50% reduction in edema (swelling) within one hour. Additionally, I wanted to know the benefits of float therapy, diet/supplement modification, reflexology, galvanic health scanning, craniosacral therapy, yoga and stress management therapy! Sampling alternative therapies over the years has increased my knowledge, which in turn helps other in the quest for their own healing. When a condition or problem arises, be open to how differing modalities may just help when nothing else can.

We are a beautiful, handiwork of God. Just like the car won’t run unless all the parts are working in harmony, so are we. Do you need a tune up or find one of your ‘parts’ seems to be affecting the whole? Massage Matters is just a call away to find out how we can assist you in the myriad of health options and recommendations that are available. PJ and Nancy are a team that will spend the time to put you on the path of resources and therapies for wholeness. Let’s begin the quest for treasures and solutions together!

Massage Matters 930 E. Blanco, Bldg. 800 Boerne, Tx 78006 830-331-8480


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