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II know that not everyone is on instagram. But for those that are, we’re constantly flooded with beautiful pics of travel, adorable animals, delicious food, fun crafts, amazing products, incredible fashion, and more! And one thing I noticed (several years ago) is that many posts are tied to silly national holidays. Have you noticed?

So I downloaded a national holiday app, and did some of my social media planning around it. My boys and I celebrated all kinds of holidays. From National Take a Hike Day, to National Waffles Day, to Take Your Pet to Work Day, even National Random Acts of Kindness Day. My favorite is National Desserts Day (which happens to fall on my birthday).

And in doing all this fun celebrating, in seeing all these obscure holidays, I realized one was missing. It was really important in my life. And this little section of the nation’s workforce was rising. Why weren’t we celebrating these people? The makers!

What’s a “maker?” By definition, it’s a person or thing that makes or produces something. But for the purpose of this holiday and this article, let’s focus on the people. People who are busy creating, fomulating, baking, sawing, designing, painting, sewing, hammering, photographing, selling, marketing, packaging, shipping, crocheting, screenprinting, mixing, and more. They’re always busy dreaming. Always thinking of their next great product. They’ve got this business on the side, or they’re relying on this as their sole income. It’s their baby, their blood, sweat, and tears. It’s their pride and joy. They’re creating items with their own hands, in small batches. There’s love in every product they make.

Why wasn’t there a national holiday to celebrate these amazing people? The makers, the creaters, the movers, and shakers.

So I did my research, found out that anyone can apply and plea their case for a new national holiday. And National Handmade Day was one of 30-something national holidays adopted in 2017!

>>>Every year National Handmade Day will be celebrated on the first Saturday of April<<<

A day for makers to share a toast, host an event, do a pop-up shop, have a sale, show behind-the-scenes videos and pics of what they do for their business. Maybe a day of rest. Or maybe a day to do what we love- make!

But why should you care about these people? If you pay attention, you’ll see pretty quickly that they’re passionate and compassionate people. The money spent with them will go to them loving on their families and communities. They’re putting food on their tables, paying bills, finally taking a vacation, and donating to local organizations. And if you’re also shopping with a local maker, almost all of the money you spend with them actually goes right back into your town. (You’re not helping a big box store or restaurant chain CEO buy a third home, his fifth car, or her own jet.)

And why should you care about their products? If you look closely, you’ll notice their items are made with impeccable care and attention to detail. When you buy handmade, you’re buying a piece of the maker’s heart. When you gift handmade, you can know you’re giving a one-of-a-kind product that the receiver will appreciate. And with items ranging from heirloom-quality quilts, to pampering self-care products, to wall hangings for a new home, to yummy desserts, to cuddly new lovies, you can take comfort in knowing that your item was made with love. (You’re purchasing something that was most likely ethically produced, non-toxically made, with attention to quality. Nothing that is mass-manufactured.)


For National Handmade Day, we’re encouraging makers to reintroduce themselves to followers, post behind-the-scenes shots, and celebrate…. and for everyone else to shop handmade, support their favorite makers. And when doing so, use the hastag #NationalHandmadeDay.

For anyone in the Boerne area, you’re invited to HANDMADE ON MAIN’S National Handmade Day celebration! From 10:00 to 6:00 on April 4th at 347 North Main Street. For eats, margaritas, shopping with the in-house handmade vendors (From Scratch Farm, Doubleside Toffee Company, Bear & Roo Candle Company, Craft Tree, and Dusty Square Designs), some make-and-take bath projects, and more!

Instagram- @handmadeonmainboerne

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Amy Bierstedt

Founder of National Handmade Day

Lead maker at Handmade on Main

Owner/maker at From Scratch Farm


Instagram- @thefromscratchchick

Facebook- From Scratch Farm


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