A Positive Outlook On Anti-Aging


FFor as far back as I can remember, I wanted to act and look older than I was. Straight out of college I looked like a high schooler and that was probably a disadvantage in the professional world. Later, as time seemed to speed up, I went to graduate school and became a mother four times over. As a busy parent, I encountered a number of personal and family health journeys that taught me about advocacy and inspired me to take a look into functional/integrative medicine. I’ve been absolutely amazed at the benefits ever since. Now that I am in my later 40s, I have begun to grow more interested in the area of anti-aging. This is what I have learned.

There are many things that can impact your outward appearance and energy level; gut health, diet, stress level, toxic load, and lifestyle. Genetics can as well, but did you know that you can support your genetic make-up and minimize negative genetic expressions in your body?

Just in case you didn’t know, Boerne, and the surrounding area, have access to many small businesses that help keep you on track. Farmer’s Markets, Integrative Practitioners and Homemade Items that help you toss out toxins and get back to our roots. “You are what you eat” and “Let your food be thy medicine” are wise words (Brillat-Savarin & Hippocrates, respectively). Eating a rainbow of foods, diversifying your diet, is a wise thing to do and can really support your body. Take a moment to think of the areas of your body you are truly wanting to support and nourish. For skin, I focus on removing sugar and adding good fat sources like fish, walnuts, and avocados. Sweet potatoes, fresh vegetables like broccoli and bright fruits are readily available and can add healthy variety to your meals. If you don’t have a Vitamix, it’s a great way to process and add these foods into your everyday. Sauces, dressings, salsas, and smoothies are so tasty. You are sure to glow!

As most of us know, negative emotions and stress can age you as well. When you choose to entertain thoughts, it doesn’t do an ounce of good. They are goal poor and release toxins that will age you. Exercise like yoga/stretching, Pilates, long-walks and light strength training can help with destressing and overall health. Getting involved, and finding your inner circle of friends can help with Normalized Aging. Creating a supportive village is a great way to feel a part of a whole, and embrace the aging process.

“It is a privilege and an honor to age”. It’s Normal! It’s uncharted territory for many. Education and the right mindset are a huge piece of aging, that’s why I am against the term Anti-Aging. I prefer the term “Normalized Aging”.

Reducing Toxins in Everyday Products:
Years ago, when my health journey first began, I was shocked when I learned how many products we had in our home that were toxic. Starting at toothpaste, all the way to insecticides, laundry detergent, and my personal beauty care routine. One of the resources that helped me the most was The Environmental Working Group (www.ewg.org) and their app EWG Healthy Living. You may want to download it for yourself, it’s a free app! Our blog, Cleanly Consumed (www.cleanlyconsumed.com) focuses on educating consumers, and providing links for healthier products. There is also a guide to get you started on your own health journey. Every little change that is made helps support the body.

It’s reported that American women put an average of 168 chemicals on their bodies each day. Here is a shortlist of some toxins that are in everyday skincare products all across America:
• Parabens
• Phthalates
• Diazolidinyl Urea
• Lead Acetate
• Methylene Glycol/Formaldehyde
• Propyl Paraben
• Quaternium-15

A few daily regimen practices that are helpful are:
• Lymphatic Massage with Dry Brushing Techniques.
• Intermittent Fasting to break down cell damage, tissue waste and promote cognitive function.
• Good sleep routine. (Functional Medicine Practitioners may be able to help find the root cause). Sleep is crucial and is when your body heals.
• Stay hydrated and be mindful of what you drink.
• Rotate and eat a diversity of vegetables and herbs.
• Acupuncture to target wrinkles and support circulation*
• Cryotherapy treatments to support detox*

On the Outside:
Eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and avoiding toxins are all a step in the right direction. One area that can really be frustrating from a consumer standpoint is knowing what products to use and how to use them. There are several products on the market and being an educated consumer helps tremendously. If you follow Cleanly Consumed on YouTube, you will want to take a look at the video “Proven Tips for Anti-Aging, Normalized Aging”. In that video, Lindsay Reno and I discussed a few ways to implement a healthy lifestyle as well as the importance of positivity.

Some tips that I have been given along the way for glowing skin are:
• Wear a clean and safe sunscreen daily. Apply on the face, neck and décolleté. Before you purchase one, take a look at the EWG app mentioned above. Alternatively, you can visit the cleanlyconumed.com product page.
• Wear a scarf around the neck while driving longer distances with sun exposure.
• Adhere to a proper skin routine, daily.
• Devices such as a Clarisonic can be good for thorough cleansing, exfoliating and stimulating the skin.
• Become knowledgeable about ingredients in your skin-care and make-up lines. Beauty Counter is the line I use because they are transparent, clearly label product ingredients and follow the recommendations of the EWG.
• Hydrate with cleanly sourced water. Know what is in your local water. If your skin is very sensitive there are carbon filters you can put on your showerheads, which are more affordable than a water intake filter.
• Products containing Hyaluronic Acid can be beneficial topically. It can also be used internally as a supplement. Both can be found on Amazon and in stores.
• Face yoga, facial exercises

Supporting your body can literally shave years off of the way you look and feel. I am always excited to see the progress of our clients. It is very rewarding. You can visit www.kelliecutsingercoaching.com to find out more about coaching and practitioner referrals. Follow on Instagram! You can visit www.cleanlyconsumed.com to find out more about product suggestions and recipes. Follow on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube!
In good health,
Kellie Cutsinger



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