Celebrating the 160th Anniversary of the Boerne Village Band


Female band members have a long-time history in the Boerne Village Band. When Karl Dienger first launched the Boerne Village Band in 1860 with the strong financial support of Sisterdale resident, Ottmar von Behr, there appears to be no obvious intent to make the band a male-only organization. However, most historical photos depict only male musicians. But we do know from historical documents that Ottmar von Behr’s daughter, Jennie (von Behr) Fischer became a member of the band in its very early years.

Subsequent photos that follow from World War I and II depict only men in the few photos available. However, in the 1960’s you begin to see female accordionists and vocalists join the band. Eventually, women become a strong foundation to the band playing such instruments as trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums, clarinet and flute. Today’s band includes seven female musicians of the 20-member Boerne Village Band.

To preserve and maintain the heritage of German music as an important part of our community and Central Texas history.

This year’s Summer Abendkonzertes scheduled for June and July, will be very special and unique from any of the previous 40 seasons. The Boerne Village Band is celebrating its 160th anniversary and they have garnered public and private support to bring in special performers to accompany them for the entire summer season. This very special season will include not only the usual four Tuesday evening concerts (Abendkonzertes) but it will offer two additional concerts – a Saturday Kickoff on June 6 to include a Grand March to launch the season and a Saturday Finale with a representative from their sister band in Runkel Germany who will perform with the Boerne Village Band and the featured Round Top Brass Band on July 25. The band’s goal is to entertain an audience of young and old, new and long-time residents of the hill country with varied German cultural heritage music so important to the history of Boerne.

Celebrating – Summer of 2020 Abendkonzerte Season
Boerne Village Band with Featured Guest Performers All performances start at 7:30 pm Main Plaza 100 North Main Boerne Texas

June 6 Kickoff Saturday Das Ist Lustig from Sugarland, Texas

June 9 Abendkonzerte Tuesday Beethoven Maennerchor from San Antonio, Texas

June 23 Abendkonzerte Tuesday Alpine Express from Austin, Texas

July 7 Abendkonzerte Tuesday Tubameisters from San Antonio, Texas

July 21 Abendkonzerte Tuesday Previous Band Vocalists Frohlisch Dancers from Fredericksburg, Texas

July 25 Finale Saturday Round Top Brass Band from Round Top, Texas

In case of rain please go to www.boernevillageband.com or the City Parks & Recreation website for details


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