3 Tips For Getting Out Of Your Rut… FOR GOOD!


Meeting with 80-100 women weekly, I’d say the the most common thing I hear is “I can’t do this because I have 1,2,3,4 other people at home to cook for.” I believe that this is the most common reason we, as women, keep ourselves stuck in a rut! As moms, sisters, wives, daughters, business owners, employers, employees, PTO members, room moms, team moms… you name it we wear enough hats on any given day to justify our back burner lifestyle. Think with me for a sec, what if…what would our lives look like IF we put ourselves on the front burner for a minute? I believe we could do and be FAR more for those around us!

Over the past five years I’ve come to realize 3 simple things that made a BIG difference for me. My own self reflection began back in 2015 when I was at the top of my supporting role game(I was at every practice, lesson, game, room mom, PTO member, student, mom and wife) but at my all time health low. I had meds for high BP, Thyroid, depression, I was chronically fatigued, perpetually ‘blah’ and generally bored with life. As a side note I was approx 80-90 pounds overweight so I didn’t want to be in pictures or DO anything.

Although it felt selfish at first, I knew changes HAD to be made. I started to look into nutrition and macros for the first time, started taking walks and putting myself first.

My first change was cooking for MY health. I had always asked what everyone else wanted for dinner and then I’d eat it too! It was typically pizza, pasta, a casserole or some other yummy comfort food. Our first step was cooking meat and veggies I could eat and adding carbs for the kids and my husband. Funny thing is that now none of them ask for the extra carbs at dinner! We RARELY have “pizza nights” for the whole family but the kids do eat pizza when salmon is on the menu. We figured out that in taking control of dinner, NO one complained and we all got healthier in the process.

My second change was a little harder. I’d heard that we shouldn’t eat “within 2 hours of bedtime”. Well, when games roll until 8:30 or 9:00 at night that was tough! We’d go to games and then end up at Whataburger with friends afterwards while starving! I knew changing this would be hard and not so fun but I began eating before the game and going to the fast food places to hang out socially afterwards-win win! I felt so good doing this one that it’s a habit that’s stuck for good now! As a side note- “2 hours before bed” means 2 hours before getting sedentary. So if your evenings are spent in the stands or on the couch watching your favorite TV show-consider that “bedtime” since movement is limited from then on.

My last big change was much easier but required a lot more thought throughout the day! WATER! It seems so simple to get water in, but a lot of people don’t like plain water. What I recommend to them is start out squeezing a lemon/lime into your water and adding a drop or 2 of liquid Stevia. Make a healthier version of lemonade to start out, then work your way back to plain old water. Water makes SO many of our body functions work-rebuilding cells, hormones, body temp, flushing toxins, digestion, etc that I started to realize that Dr Pepper wasn’t who I wanted in control of those things! Working my way up to 80-90oz of water per day was hard but now you’ll see me around town with my Hydro in hand.

My absolute passion is seeing women get back in pictures, on zip lines and tossing balls with kids and grandkids. I see too many moms hiding behind cameras because they don’t feel pretty or feel fluffy that day. Let me encourage you to step out front! Your family wants you in the picture! We can’t be all we need to be for someone else if we aren’t taking care of ourselves first. Everyone WILL still love you if you take care of…YOU. I promise.


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