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Tell us about the move from your old location to this new one…what was the process?

We started out at 107B Shooting Club Road for about 2 1/2 years while we planned and began to build our facility. The building was a machine shop before we rented, which made for a raw, rugged workout facility. We opened the bay doors, which helped with circulation, and we could move some of the exercises outside. During one particularly bad rainstorm, the entire building flooded. It was a mess! That building then sold in the fall of 2019, so we had to scramble, with the help of that current leasing agent, Glen Boehm, to find a temporary location by October 1st. We were fortunate to find temporary space at 130 E. Frederick St. We had an amazing landlord, Justin Harper, who allowed us to sign a three month lease with the option of a fourth. That lease was then graciously allowed to be extended month-to-month until April 1st., which we were so grateful for. By April 1st, we had already sold almost all of our remaining equipment. The remainder is currently stored in our garages. Obviously, we are in a holding pattern now due to Clovid-19 as our new gym at 645 South School Street is in its final weeks of completion.

Why this particular location?

645 South School Street is a great location for visibility, something we lacked at our former locations. Traffic patterns are quite busy on that particular road. We also wanted to be on that side of town, closer to other businesses and more activity. With this location being new construction, Jason and I were able to build the gym the way we wanted it to be instead of having to fit into an existing space.

What challenges have you experienced during construction? Change in plans? New opportunities?

LOL. We started moving forward with our new facility before we moved into Shooting Club location on March 1st 2017. We expected to be built within the year. We have had many unexpected changes and delays. We didn’t realize planning and zoning only met once a month, so we had to return a few months in a row before going forward with approval. Navigating the cities requirements has been a challenge at times. We also had issues with architectural plans and contractors/subcontractors.

What new services/offerings does this new location make possible?

We are so excited about the new services we are able to offer at our new location. With over 10,000sq ft., including over 1000 sq ft to a dedicated fitness room, 20×20 boxing ring, 24×24 MMA cage, etc. We plan to expand our classes to include boxing, mma/Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu both Gi and Nogi. Self-defense classes, youth programs for both MMA and BJJ, adult and youth wrestling, boot camps, StrikeFit, spin classes with our new Spivi leaderboard and precor spin bikes, cardio kickboxing, TRX classes and possibly pilates and yoga and a few others. We also offer private, semi-private, small group training and general memberships with all new strength and cardio equipment from Legend Fitness and Marathon Fitness. We are also now able to provide locker rooms and showers to allow for early morning workouts and classes for those seeking to workout before work or during their lunch break, etc.

How has COVID-19 impacted your build process?

Covid -19 has impacted our building process on several ways. Our H-Vac diffusers what were ordered before the shut downs still have not been delivered. Supplies have been low and we have been told we are unable to return certain supplies until after the restrictions are lifted. We have had delays in receiving lighting fixtures, equipment deliveries, and refused refunds. If a worker appears ill, they are immediately sent home in an abundance of caution for the safety of others, which slows productivity. We have hand sanitizer readily available to the workers and encourage masks if social distancing is not possible.

What lessons have you learned as a business owner that you can share?

Building a new facility has been our dream, but it doesn’t come without a price. Years of frustrations, headaches and hiccups can leave one feeling defeated. Throw a pandemic in as you’re opening your new facility and a government shut down of all health clubs and gyms. Jason and I are grateful that we have such loyal clients who have stood by us through the years and changes. We cannot wait to provide them with the facility and training they deserve and have graciously and patiently waited so long for. For the most part, we’ve put our future in God’s hands. Patience and faith are at the cornerstone of what keeps us positive. We often say to each other, it’s all in God’s perfect timing. So we wait.

Grind House Training Facility
645 South School Street
Boerne, TX 78006


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