Letter From The Publisher


Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

If you’re like me, you feel these last two months may have been some of the best … and worst … of times in your entire life. The magazine learned some great info from moms around our town. They shared some of the wonderful positives that have come out of the forced closeness between them and the rest of their families. It seems that simply eliminating unnecessary distractions is a real blessing. on the other hand, maybe you are one of the people who can’t visit your loved one in the hospital or the nursing home. Then you have definitely felt the worst of these times. The fear and frustration of small business owners who wonder where their next dollar will come from can’t be overstated. It’s a time in history we need to all pray never occurs again.

But just like Kendall County always has done, we’ve all pulled together and supported one another in so many ways. Pulling up to curbsides to pick up grocery items or takeout meals from our favorite restaurants, honking at the guy on River Road with his American flag, running errands for the elders in our neighborhoods, and sharing virtual hugs with our friends who are down and depressed. KENDALL COUNTY STRONG!!

I want to thank Tim Handren and our other city leaders for the amount of care and concern they have put forth every single day since this pandemic was identified. Many, many of their days have been 16 and 18 hours long. Every decision they’ve made had our safety at the heart of it, and for that we can only say thank you.

Here’s a prayer for COVID19 free May and June, and that our Kendall County businesses each return stronger and better than ever before.


Peggy Schooley, Publisher
Kendall County Woman Magazine


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