From The Publisher – July/August 2020


Dear Kendall County Woman Reader,
If you are like me, you are pretty much done with the stress of COVID 19 lockdowns and impacts. Truly, what more could we be asked to endure in 2020? COVID lockdowns, businesses damaged far beyond anything we could have imagined, figuring out how to advocate for loved ones with health issues when we weren’t allowed in the hospitals, and learning how to homeschool children while often we were handling our own full time jobs, too. What a list. And a time none of us want to relive, I imagine. It has been like swimming the Atlantic in an inner tube.

But we learned so much – we learned that we are the embodiment of resilience and agents of change – and we celebrate that this month. No, things around us aren’t 100% back to normal, so willingness to punt and zig when we’re used to zagging are marks of a true KCW!

There are so many great examples of the resilience of Kendall County Women. Women who overcome and succeed in the face of great odds. This month’s edition shares the story of a single mother of two who worked three jobs and 20 hour days to provide — and then succeed — by being willing to adapt and change at a moment’s notice.

Change is hard to embrace, and I know many of you moms just can’t wait until ‘normal’ school is back in session. But some of you embraced that change, so we share some encouragement that maybe, just maybe, you will find you want to continue it into the future. A great homeschooling network is part of our community and stands ready to help you!

You’ve proven your mettle to the world, and here’s to a great summer for you all. May things return to pure normal and may life settle into something you can call mundane. I’m glad to know you.

Peggy Schooley, Publisher, Kendall County Woman Magazine


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