LLadies, we have known about the benefits of yoga forever. From its calming and meditative aspects, to its core strength and flexibility benefits, most of us have tried yoga at one time or another and can celebrate its effectiveness.

Our husbands are another matter altogether.

They envision a room full of women, twisted into strange positions, listening to calming spa music and doing little more than some elaborate stretching. However, we as women also know that yoga would be extremely beneficial to our men yet they are reluctant for the most part.

Andi Weekley, owner of Agave Yoga here in Boerne, has heard all the excuses before…yet has also been seeing some amazing results for her male clients and is really working hard to increase awareness for men – and hopes that the women of Kendall County can help encourage their men to give it a try.

One such participant is local resident Shane Riley. He explains, “I had been struggling with my golf game and how tight I was playing and, honestly, just how sore it was leaving me. My wife had been doing yoga a while and I did some of the poses with her just to help me with the flexibility with for my golf game. It turned out, and I’m 65 now, but I don’t go to a chiropractor any more and I use it all the time for my golf game.”

As for what has kept him involved in the practice, Riley finds the flexibility the most beneficial. He continues, “The stretches are my favorite parts – it’s not high intensity or high impact – there have been 5 or 6 of us guys that have been there almost exclusively for golf and it’s been wonderful. The stretches and the flexibility have been so wonderful for me, and it has makes it so that I don’t ever hurt any more like I used to and so I’ve loved it.”

And what Mr. Riley purports is primarily what men universally speak about: an increased quality of life in a variety of ways that might surprise most men. While this publication is one geared for women, these same women hold great influence over the men in their lives, and could use this simple article as a catalyst to speak with their men about ways to improve not only their flexibility and overall health, but their lives in general.


1. Sexual function – now you have his attention! That’s right, countless studies show an increase in virtually every aspect of sexual satisfaction, from desire, to satisfaction, performance, endurance, and overall enjoyment. Most improvements stem from better pelvic muscle tone, improvements in mood, and an overall reduction in anxiety.

2. Work Productivity – what man isn’t focused on his career? The CDC recently did a study that showed that yoga improved wellbeing and eased productivity issues like burnout. Yoga practitioners increased their mental resilience, dropped their stress, and had higher levels of perseverance.

3. Less Stress – Much of the workplace benefits can also be tied to yoga’s effect on stress. But the effects of that can be much further reaching, too. In fact, yoga’s positive effects have been shown on a cellular level when it comes to reducing stress. A study published in the journal Immunology found that those who did yoga suppressed the activation of certain genes that cause inflammation, a common response to stress that can lead to some serious health implications.

On top of that, yoga has been found to increase your body’s ability to respond to stress more effectively, by reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and easing respiration in stressful situations that typically increase these responses.

4. Improved Sleep – Who doesn’t want better sleep? Countless studies have shown that those that do yoga reported improved sleep, which in turn, improves virtually every aspect of their lives. Credited to the breathing exercises, as well as the basic physical exertion, improvements in sleep are reported virtually immediately and will help participants stay motivated.

5. Mobility and Posture – as we age, we’re not as nimble as we once were. Encourage your man to try yoga, and you might be struggling to keep up! Many men sit at desks all day which wrecks their posture and strains their muscles. Yoga will focus heavily on posture and their flexibility, both which will remedy and improve their posture as well as their general mobility.


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