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MMichelle Merrill, and her business, Fiancée Bridal Boutique, are the newest residents of Boerne’s historic retail district. A Spring, Texas native, she is no stranger to the bridal industry as she has locations elsewhere and is passionate about what she does. As a new business in town, we sat down with her for a few moments to learn about her, her business, and how the first few months in operation has gone during a most interesting time in our lives.

1. First of all, how do you get into this particular industry?
Ever since I was little I have just always loved bridal gowns. I guess it started with my sister and I dressing our barbies in wedding gowns. As I got older I had the opportunity to help my friend search for her wedding gown and fell in love with the process and continued by helping several other family members and friends find their gowns. So I thought it may be something I would really enjoy doing and decided to work at a local bridal shop to see if I would enjoy it and I fell in love with it. In a traditional bridal shop gowns have to be ordered and it can take between 4-6 months for a bride to get her gown. I felt there was really a need to open a bridal boutique for the bride who is in a time crunch and needs a dress last minute. This would allow the bride to take her gown with her the same day in what we call “Off the Rack”. We have also recently added a beautiful selection of gowns that are made to order if time allows .

2. Tell us a little about your other location and its history?
The original Boutique in Spring Tx Opened July 2015 in a tiny boutique of only 600 sq ft in historical Old Town Spring. We quickly grew into its current location a 6000sq ft building down the street which is still in Old Town Spring . The amazing addition to our bridal family of Fiancee Bridal Curves came about by feeling there was a need for brides with curves to have a space where they can feel comfortable and confident and have many figure flattering options in their size to try on and take home the same day or order. We believe that curves are beautiful and we love to celebrate them.

3. Why did you decide to open here in Boerne?
I lived in San Antonio many years ago and heard so many wonderful things about the friendly close knit family oriented community of Boerne. I was wanting a change for my family from the hustle and bustle of big city life in Houston to a more laid back lifestyle. We also wanted to be closer to several of our family members that live in Boerne and the surrounding area.

4. How did you secure your location?
I just so happen to have stumbled on to this location being available at a perfect time in my search for a space. Being on Main street right in the heart of the Boerne historic district is such a blessing. It has so much visibility with all the lovely shops and restaurants that bring people around.

5. Talk about a tough time to open a business – what challenges have you experienced with COVID?
We definitely have been going through a challenging time due to covid as I am sure everyone has. We have had to modify our usual dress fitting policy and procedures to fit within the government guidelines. We sanitize surfaces regularly and have had to limit the number of guests the bride can bring with her. We also space out appointments for social distancing to ensure the bride and her party feel safe and comfortable.

6. How have the first few weeks gone for you?
The first week of being open was a bit quiet but I feel like it was a blessing as I feel I needed a little extra time to prepare for our lovely brides. I have met so many friendly people here and everyone is just so helpful. I see many happy brides in our future!

7. What are your goals through the rest of 2020?
I would say the biggest goal is to get the word out and let brides know we are here and ready to assist them in finding their dream dress !

8. How has Kendall County supported you?
I have already been so supported by the business owners nearby, and I look forward to earning the respect and support from the entire community as the near future unfolds!

Fiancée Bridal Boutique
(830) 431-8687
116 S. Main Street, Boerne, Texas


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