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Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

Fall has come too quickly, and too slowly, as this long, long year passes. This edition of KCW clearly outlines the pain and hurt caused by the shutdowns enacted by officials in what seems like every part of our lives. My husband had a stroke in March, and I personally felt the pain of having someone I cared about locked away from me for months as he recovered in the hospital and rehab facility. He asked almost every day “why hasn’t anyone come to visit me?” A brain injured person doesn’t care about what the Governor says or the President says. He just wants to know why his family doesn’t seem to care. (His brain injury, on the other hand, allowed him to completely “miss” the Spring of COVID Hell”. He will never understand empty grocery store shelves or missing toilet paper.) And while we focus on some of the struggles from this past season of our live, it’s great to read about some amazing women like our cover story, Shelly Condra, who is absolutely thriving in her career and has some great goals that made me smile. Her drive and devotion to her clients and their lives is so refreshing to read, and we are so proud that she is our cover story.

In our ever-growing corner of the world, all of you amazing Women of Kendall County are inspiring and exceptional. You homeschool while you hold full time jobs, clean the house, do laundry, cook, and make sure the dog is fed. You’ve figured out ways to get the bills paid even when the Governor requires you to shut your business’s doors, and you’ve cared for your own family while including so many members of our neighborhood. I was enveloped in this love when friends, unasked and unanticipated, picked up my horse and kept her the whole time my husband was away from home. I am honored to be a part of your community, and I am amazed by you and your stories every day. Know that if you need help, there are many women at your fingertips — Kendall County Women — who will step into the void and support you when you need it. All you have to do is ask.

May Fall 2020 bring good news, new starts, and a return to “regular life” for every Kendall County woman. Every one.

Peggy Schooley, Publisher
Kendall County Woman Magazine


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