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Dear Kendall County Woman reader,
Oh my gosh! How did the holidays sneak up on me this year? One would think that with all the available time we’ve had at home, we would’ve been busy hand-making chunky blankets and personalized totes for all the people on our list.

Well, that didn’t happen at my house. AND it probably didn’t happen at yours either. So much for working from home, right? I am so very glad to wish 2020 out of my memory. At least all the bad parts, and boy, has it had more than its share. Then I recall that I am covered in blessings, and once I sit and remember all of these, 2020 hasn’t been bad at all.

We have all had illnesses — and health. Financial problems — and solutions of one kind or another. School challenges – and supportive family and school professionals. Days separated from our loved ones who were hospitalized — but then special available time when they were able to come home. Some of our problems have not yet been ‘fixed’ and some of us had things happen that won’t quickly leave our psyches. But all in all, we are still loving and living our lives. Kendall County Women set examples for all of us every day in each of these situations.

For example, this edition of KCW showcases the Kendall County Women’s heart for charity through our discussion with Hattie Allen, the CEO of Kendall County Women’s Shelter. Volunteering time or money to this worthy cause is a perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. We learn about the challenges of starting a home based business through our story about Scentaholics, and then are encouraged to work through our holiday meals with Clarissa from GrindHouse. This, and so much more, awaits you in this edition!

As always, I am amazed by the strength and fortitude of our sisters here in the County. Rock on!

Peggy Schooley


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