2021 Pet Age Woman of Influence Winner – Sara Morgan of Frenchie’s Kitchen


My inspiration was Romeo, my sick French Bulldog puppy.

Frenchie’s’ Kitchen gently cooked, human grade dog food began in my kitchen in 2007 – the year of the melamine recalls for pet food and treats made in China. My French bulldog puppy, Romeo had been dealing with severe digestive issues since he was born. We went to specialists across the country and spent lots of money with no results. I finally made an appointment with a holistic vet who specialized in Food Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With her guidance, the recipes were formed and my cooking days began! Romeo quickly began to improve and eventually got off all of his prescription medications.

The vet loved what I was doing and asked if I would make prescription meals for her clients. The results were amazing! We saw with our own eyes the power of nutrition. As business began to grow, we moved into a commercial kitchen and shortly afterwards we began omgomg tor onion manufacturing our products in a USDA Inspected Human Food Facility. This has been a fantastic journey with amazing stories from across the country. We are happy to say that Romeo was our official “Taste Tester” until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2020 at the age of 14. He was one of the oldest French Bulldogs in the country at the time of his death.

Pioneering the Gently Cooked category of Human Grade dog food

Our biggest contribution to the pet industry was developing a new category of pet food that didn’t exist at the time – “Gently Cooked”. When we started Frenchie’s Kitchen, the only categories of pet food were kibble, can, raw and dehydrated. We began challenging the male dominated pet food manufacturers to provide healthier food choices for “Man’s Best Friend”. Consumers became more educated and began recognizing the benefits of feeding their pets fresh, human grade, whole food ingredients that are sourced in the USA!

In addition to creating the Gently Cooked category of pet food, Frenchie’s Kitchen introduced the trend of “humanization of pets” that has influenced many in the industry rethink their product lines. It is obvious at the super market, in the pet stores and in watching television commercials that more and more companies are including healthier ingredients in their recipes. Pets are now considered family members and owners want to make the best food choices for them.

Today we see more companies making “Gently Cooked”, Human Grade, frozen meals for dogs. This would not have happened without my vision. Frenchie’s Kitchen has paved the way for this healthy trend of feeding our furry family members.

Sara Morgan is also very active with pets in our community. She has a Therapy Dog, Happy Happy Hazel who works with children at the Childrens Hospital, Ronald Mc Donald House, and with children of military families. Sara is on the Board of Directors of Therapy Animals of San Antonio. Hazel was also crowned SA Fiesta El Rey Fido by raising almost $90,000 for the San Antonio Humane Society. She also works with local rescue groups in Kendall County. Her primary focus is educating the community on the importance of spay/neuter. It’s the ONLY solution for the homeless pet population. We can build shelters all day long, but it’s not until the animals are spayed and neutered will the problem be solved.
Making a difference in this world…one paw at a time!


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