Publisher Letter – March/April 2021


Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

What a wild past few weeks we’ve had! From a silly 2020 with all the COVID hysteria, only to stumble into 2021 and have the entire State freeze solid…ugh! I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of living through “unprecedented” moments!

With that said, this issue couldn’t come at a better time.

Our cover story, Blythe Zemel, is such a breath of fresh air and a joy to know. Found of local non-profit “Girl with Grit”, among other things, Zemel tells us her story of simply putting her nose down and getting to work! Upon identifying a lack of essential skills among local youth, Zemel takes the kids and says “Who says you can’t work with your hands?! Let me show you!” and does exactly
that. At a time when the world seems complex and intimidating, it’s so great to read of Zemel and her simple determination and grit…and the effect it is having on many local teenagers.

From there, there’s much to be found. Lots of local information, event info, and articles about several local businesswomen that are also having a local impact. Additionally, most every advertiser in the publication is a woman owned business, so take some time this month to support them. Small business has been hard hit in the past 12 months, and trust me, they need all the support they can get.

Lastly, please don’t forget that KCW magazine is constantly on the hunt for article ideas. If you know of a local woman making a difference, or running a great business, or with simply an amazing story, we want to hear about it! Just drop us a note at the emails to the right and let’s
start a conversation!

Welcome to March!


Peggy Schooley


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