A Whole Life Mindset

By Kenne Woods


Working out changes as we age. Whether your goal is to improve flexibility, improve cardiovascular health, lose weight or gain muscle mass, it’s never too late to start, and it doesn’t require you sweating for hours at the gym. We help women age 60-70 restore their health and boost confidence.

The people at the Rainbow Senior Citizen’s Center wanted to balance better, especially since many of them had fallen. They are getting to experience how to stay balanced using common items like 2×6 boards with mailbox arrows and a bunch of low-tech devices that you might find around your home. To start out, I bring some PVC pipe for them to walk on. They look at me like…”you must be crazy?” I don’t argue with them. While this plan seems to be crazy, I’ve been amazed at how quickly they have responded… and WE laugh a lot. They tell me the work we do (it’s not that difficult and I’m not aware of any of them sweating) is helping their balance, whether or not they are using a cane.

Some of them want to be able to get on the floor with their grandkids, some want to ride a bicycle. If they come to me with a dream, I’m careful not to squash it. Stiffness as they roll out of bed is a real nuisance for many people, and lower backs that hurt playing golf is an aggravation for many. We can show them some very basic movements that are quite simple. We often share with people, “30 seconds a day is better than 0”. If people want to improve quicker, we can demonstrate additional movements to practice at home, before and/or after their round of golf.

One of the biggest myths that I continually dispel is the phrase “I’m too old”. We get to know people of all ages, and some of our favorites are over 70! Zelda Sheldon is 89 and just committed to training long-term. She and some of her peers feel as if the lockdown has taken 10 years off of their life. To have these people laugh and see themselves or their friends literally roll in the grass and be able to get completely upright, unassisted, to a standing position. Watching them accomplish these feats is extremely gratifying for the ladies and rewarding for me. One of the biggest obstacles we help clients overcome is fear. They think certain movements are impossible or are going to cause too much pain. People are never rushed. Movements that are slow and practiced with precision and extreme detail can provide incredible recovery from stiffness, weakness, and discomfort. They are safe, efficient, and effective. We often tell clients, “This is going to hurt your brain much more than it hurts your body”. When we see them “get it”, it is so rewarding to watch them “glow” with pride, especially when they were very doubtful, and hanging on to very little hope.

A few of the members from the Rainbow Games have joined us at our boutique personal training studio and are regaining balance even more rapidly as we’ve been able to personalize their training. Typically, our workouts at the studio are only 20-30 minutes. 20 minutes for strength only or 30 minutes if you want to improve your eating habits. We use physical training and accountability in learning food intake skills. People don’t believe me or my clients. It sounds impossible. I think most people don’t believe it. I heard Dr. Doug McGuff saying something to the effect of “Get stronger working out 12 minutes a week”. Being active in CrossFit and a golfer with a 3 handicap at the time, I thought that statement was garbage. I read his book, Body By Science, and found out that he made a good point. I tested the concept and in about a month myself, my wife (who hates exercise) and a friend proved to me that it was valid. Ok, what do I do with this information??? At about the same time I discovered ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) machines that use high-precision motorized resistance to apply the perfect amount of opposing force for your individual strength level. This technology uses safe and controlled resistance in place of the gravity-based resistance machines in gyms. During your workout, you’ll have access to real time workout data. The machines’ tracking software collects and stores your data to track long-term progress and trends.

As you start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, we make notes of the small changes. Progress isn’t always a number on the scale or in your clothing size. Becoming more active without the pain that many blame on “old age” is a sure sign of success. Keep on moving!

Kenne Woods
Kenne has been in the fitness industry for 21 years. With encouragement from his wife Debbie, STRONG in 15 opened in December of 2019. When he is not having a blast at STRONG in 15, he attends First United Methodist Church in Boerne, Tapatio Springs Golf Resort, San Pedro Par 3 Golf Course, Hill Country CrossFit, Hill Country Toastmasters and wherever Debbie chooses to travel next. As a testament to his personal fitness, he is 64 years old and the last time he missed a day of work or school due to personal illness was the Monday after the Steelers beat the Cowboys in the 1979 Super Bowl.


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