Meet Lissette Jimenez



Lissette is known for her dedication, loyalty and hands-on leadership that reaches a vast audience from a local to state level. Her passion for innovation and commitment to developing unique experiences has provided opportunities for the community to make life more enjoyable. She has been with the City of Boerne Parks and Recreation since 2014.

1. Name
Lissette Jimenez

2. Position
Recreation Superintendent

3. Years with the City?
Seven years

4. It’s been a wild 12 months for you! How would you summarize the past year?
Acceptance and adapting were key. So many factors were out of my control, that all I could do was accept the situation and learn how to adapt while still providing for our community. We learned a lot about how resilient and creative our department is, but hey, so is Boerne in general. You also have to remember that Parks and Recreation is a different breed; it is our nature to be strong, innovators, spontaneous and giving.

5. Take us through last summer – what kind of changes did you have to make?
Our main concern was keeping everyone safe which meant a lot of changes on how we operate on a daily level changed. Secondly, adapting our programs to best serve our community with the resources we had available and finding inventive ways to provide virtual programs.

Overall, we started to see indications of hope at the beginning of June. That’s when selected programs, such as community education and adult recreational athletics, started to slowly return. Programs may have been very restricted, but it was optimism in our eyes.

6. What were the “darkest” days for you and your team? How did you work through them?
My response is the same from an individual viewpoint and from the team’s viewpoint. We work best when we are together working off each other’s energy, brainstorming out load and solving problems as a group. That kind of collaboration was missed.
Several phone conferences got us through that time. Hearing each other’s voices goes a long way.

7. How did you plan Summer 2021 when you didn’t know what the mandates would look like?
We knew anything was possible. After experiencing 2020 we understood that being creative was vital and that we could offer some version of our programs if we stayed open-minded to changes.

8. How has your team worked together to stay cohesive and meet your objectives?
Lots of brainstorming sessions and finding ways to work outside the box. The 2020 EGGstreme Drive-By and Boerne Boo Drive-Thru were great example of that. Our objective never changed, we wanted to provide for our community. The parks and trails were utilized daily, and we did the best to offer virtual challenges and ideas to our community when in person was not an option.

9. As the mandates end and normalcy returns, what does that mean for your team?
It means we are planning and planning! I know I keep repeating myself, but we want to work, we want to provide a safe and welcoming place for families to make memories. We want to provide a clean and beautiful field where adults can let the stress of the day go while playing recreational sports, we want kids to learn how to swim, dance, golf or become gymnasts, and we want to provide fun community events where families can let loose.

10. What can families expect for Summer 2021 and onward from Parks/Rec?
Excitement! We are gearing up for the 2021 Summer Movie in the Parks, summer concerts, swim lessons, and camps.


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