Publisher Letter July / August 2021


Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

After a year like 2020, we felt like we wanted to tell a great story of perseverance, dedication, and frankly, a story that would just make you smile. I think that we delivered that with our cover story on Cara and Jeannette, owners of STUDIO Comfort. Housed in a beautiful building, the gallery and its dynamic partnership have not only survived perhaps the worst year for retail (and art) in decades, but have come out of it growing and even more dedicated to their mission of providing fine art to the masses.

While Comfort might not be the first place you think about for “fine art”, the studio is delivering exactly that. Along with their instructional classes, they are literally transforming the landscape for artists in our region. Additionally, their relationship together as dear friends and overcoming tragedies makes their story all the more fun, more inspiring, and I trust will bring that smile to your face.

In addition, this issue has a slew of other content that we really hope inspires you to learn more about your neighbors, their businesses, and to learn even more about our area.

As summer is in full swing, and we begin to already start looking toward the fall, we encourage you to take a look around at people you might know that would make an interesting story. Local business owner with a great story? Local woman doing some amazing things? A non-profit that is making a difference? We want to hear about it! Don’t be shy! Shoot any of us an email to the right of this letter and let’s have a conversation. This magazine exists only because of our dear clients and the many people like you that appreciate our local community enough to support it!

Welcome to the July / August 2021 issue. Let me know if we brought you a smile!


Peggy Schooley


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