Young Entrepreneur: Abigayle Fisher

Bread of Life Boards


Young entrepreneur, Abigayle Fisher, age 15, has been in business making charcuterie boards.We asked her a few questions about her business.

What’s your name & business?
My name is Abigayle Fisher, I am the owner of Bread of Life Boards.

What grade are you and what school do you attend?
I am now a sophomore at Boerne Highschool.

What do you do?
Bread of Life boards makes custom charcuterie boards, which in short are fancy meat and cheese trays. The boards can feed as little as 2 people or a large party they are completely customizable based on your needs.

What got you into this?
I got into making charcuterie boards from Pinterest. The boards looked really interesting and fun. When I would go out to eat with my family, I always loved to order the Antipasto, which basically is an appetizer of olives, cheeses, and meats, what’s not to love about that!! So I decided to make one for a family event, it was a hit. I just fell in love with making them and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they got to enjoy the boards.

How has it gone so far?
My business has been going well, I enjoy going shopping for all the supplies and I enjoy putting the boards together. I am incredibly grateful for the circle of friends my family has. I have enjoyed talking to other people about their passions, chesses, produce, meats, business practices and ways to take my boards to the next level. I have partnered with another woman owned business in Rockport (The Dish House) to help customize my boards with a personalized touch instead of using actual boards Ill be making some using her dishes that she sells.

What have you found to be the most challenging?
The most challenging part of my business is reaching people who are wanting to buy. I do not think people truly understand what an art the boards are and the cost that goes into making one. Trust me I have had to learn that the hard way. I have had a vision in my head and started shopping and ended up with $200 dollars in my cart. So just getting sales is the most challenging.

What has been the most rewarding part of this business?
The most rewarding part of my business is seeing the looks on people’s faces when they receive the board. I get to create beautiful works of food art that people can share with those they love. The feedback omg onion that people give me and the photos they share. It just makes this all worth it.

What are your college and onward plans?
In my free time I am on our Kendall County’s 4-h Shooting team and I am hoping to get a shooting scholarship for college, as for career plans, I either would like to study nursing or criminal law.

What’s next for your business?
The next steps for my business, would be partnering with more local business and just growing to have more orders. I would love to eventually host workshops where people can come to try their hands at making a charcuterie board. I am all about trying to keep things local to our community or Texas so I would love to try and find some locally sourced meats, cheeses, and other fun ingredients. Knowing you can get fresh ingredients and pair them with some yummy jams, crackers, fresh veggies, etc. will open people’s eyes to what is around their local communities.


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