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Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

If there’s anything the past 18 months has taught us, it’s that our health is something we should take extremely seriously. Yes, I’m referring to COVID, but hopefully you also have come to understand that the health of our own bodies as well as our collective family is vitally important and something we all might have taken for granted in the past.

With this in mind, we put together a special “Alternative Medicine” issue for this September/October issue!

“Medicine” means a lot of different things to people nowadays. We ask more questions, we research more, and we understand more about the care that is offered to us than perhaps ever in our history. As such, we wanted to take a moment to introduce you to a few of these practitioners that specialize in forms of healthcare that you might not be familiar. Kim Verbeke, Helene Gross, and Dondi Persyn are all leaders in their respective fields…fields that you might not even have known existed.

These women help people with a myriad of issues, from physical to emotional, utilizing a variety of techniques and specialties that you might dismiss at first glance, but shouldn’t. The more studies are conducted on alternative medicines, the more evidence is uncovered showing that “health” is achieved via a variety of journeys, many considered “alternative”. So enjoy these profiles with an open mind, research the people profiled, and if they are fitting for your situation, give them a try. We promise you that they are experts in their respective fields!

As for the rest of this issue, we cover a lot. From herbal teas to first hand accounts of hypnotism, there’s something for everyone. So dive in, learn something new, and expand your knowledge. Your health (and your family’s health) is perhaps the most important things in your life, and treat it accordingly. If you ever have an idea or suggestion for a future issue, please don’t be shy! Reach out to any of us to the right and let’s start a conversation.

Thanks so much for reading, and thank you even more for your support throughout these years!


Peggy Schooley


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