What is Sound Healing?

My journey from conference room to Vibrational Sound Therapy By Audry Stephens


After spending nearly 30 years in a stressful corporate environment and working over 60 hours per week, I struggled to find balance. Unable to catch long deep breaths during my busy, sometimes toxic work day, I became even more stressed. To get by, I practiced yoga and made a weekly appointment to receive a massage to alleviate the constant throbbing in my neck and shoulders. It was during a Kundalini yoga class 6 years ago that my miracle came. That was when I was introduced to crystal singing bowls.

I was invited to close my eyes, clear my mind then relax to the sounds of crystal singing bowl vibrations. The soft, coherent sounds gently washed my body in pure relaxation, an auditory version of a deep tissue massage. I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream about a baby elephant with blue eyes and long graceful eyelashes. This was the most relaxed I’d been in several years.

After that experience, I couldn’t stop studying and researching sound. For my 50th birthday, I became a certified Vibrational Sound Therapist through the VSA (Vibrational Sound Association).

Sound can also unlock blocked emotions and release them with ease and grace.
Tibetan Singing Bowls, gongs and other instruments have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They can clear the mind and aid in the process of releasing deep layers of tension and stress stored in the physical and energetic body.
Benefits of a Sound Healing treatment are numerous including: reduction of stress and anxiety; lower anger and blood pressure; PTSD, depression, grief, improve circulation and increase blood flow; can help with sleep disturbances; re-balance the chakras (energy centers); increase mental and emotional clarity; stimulate the immune system; create an elevated state of consciousness; boost overall well-being; boost creativity.

This modality has also been shown to support the healing process for cancer patients by reducing stress and aiding in pain management. I am always quick to point out that I am not a “healer”, but more of a facilitator in the healing process. I help my clients calm the mind and let it do what it is supposed to do. If our brain is an organ designed to send messages to the body, and our thoughts are whirling around, or we’re over thinking, we are not allowing it to do it’s job.

Jeanelly Concepcion describes her
experience in a sound healing session:

“My experience was extremely relaxing. Sometimes, I don’t fully relax during a massage or yoga, and other times it takes me a long time to get there. During the sound bath, I think I started to feel relaxed almost immediately as I laid down on the table, which had a warmer infused with quartz. Somewhere along the session I would see images of peaceful places I love in my mind’s eye, and I remember vividly hearing rain and my mind transported to my youth, when I would travel to the Dominican Republic and stayed in my Grandparents house, where part of the roof was tin and we would fall asleep to the raindrops falling on that roof. I must have fallen asleep, because I heard Audrey’s voice in the distance letting me know to start making my way back, instructing me to wiggle my fingers and toes, but it was almost like a dream. I woke up feeling refreshed, as if I had slept through a full night.”

For more information, to find out about upcoming events and workshops, or to schedule a session with Audrey Stephens in her private studio, check out her Facebook page or
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A groundbreaking therapeutic method that uses sound to relax & reset the nervous system.
Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield – the energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies – is inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including all of our memories. All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as “dissonance” in our energy fields. Biofield Tuning is able to diminish and resolve this dissonance and in doing so, alleviate and even eradicate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms.

​During a Biofield Tuning session, a client lies fully clothed on a treatment table while the practitioner activates a tuning fork and scans the body slowly beginning from a distance. The practitioner is feeling for resistance and turbulence in the client’s energy field, as well as listening for a change in the overtones and undertones of the tuning fork. When the practitioner encounters a turbulent area he/she continues to activate the tuning fork and hold it in that specific spot. Research suggests the body’s organizational energy uses the steady coherent vibrational frequency of the tuning fork to “tune” itself. In short order, the dissonance resolves and the sense of resistance gives way. This appears to correspond to the release of tension with the body.


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