Shanna Blackmon, owner of Fyzical Fitness & Yoga in Boerne, has developed a strong business by providing her clients not only with the actual instruction and classes that increase their physical fitness, but also encouraging them via her passion for her industry and her teaching.

With over 30 years of experience in dance, fitness, and yoga, Blackmon brings that passion every single day to her studio. Having lived in the area for the past 5 years, she has worked diligently to create a studio that takes students in every skill level and helps them to achieve their maximum potential and realize the benefits of her craft.

She begins, “People ask ‘why yoga’? The word comes from ‘Yoking’ – it means to yoke your breath with your movement. Getting anaerobic is not all about getting in shape, but yoga concentrates on your breath first and it’s just crucial. Certain movements we breathe in certain ways and your body is getting oxygenated, mobilized, stretched, and your core strength is improving, balance is being prioritized…which is something that is just so important. People tell me all the time people can’t do yoga because they have no flexibility and I educate them that yoga is all about your entire body and how it’s responding to things…. yoga is a practice – it’s not about perfection. It’s about getting your body responding in the best ways we want.”

Blackmon and her team are specific with their techniques. “We mainly do a baptiste style power yoga. That’s not all we do exclusively, but it’s a big part of what we do. Power in yoga means using your body weight to increase your strength and movements – baptiste is a flow of sequence and is important. It’s straight forward and logical – it opens the body up from the beginning of our movements all the way to the end. There is a way to do it properly, and that’s what we focus on. Arm balances and head stands are important and we don’t strictly use body weight – it’s heavy with calisthenics and the full incorporation of yoga movements. It’s different because all of our teachers watch our students closely and we develop modifications for beginners so that they can properly perform all the way to the more advanced modifications for someone very skilled. We are checking with our students and providing hands-on assists, which is extremely helpful.”

Pre-COVID, the studio was doing wonderful and was growing monthly. When COVID hit, like most every small business, it hurt badly. However, the team utilized technology with streaming classes to keep them afloat, and things are now headed back in the right direction. She continues, “Yoga studios are hard to make profitable. We need a large space, lot of utilities, staffing…and many studios don’t make it for these reasons. We’re doing great now as this section of the business…and I’m very proud of that. We have 5 stars on our online reviews. We are very present about being here with the students, we set an intention for each day’s class – today’s was CHANGE – so I talk throughout about change and getting them to move their mind. They can focus on what they’re thinking about. It’s a lot like life – when someone is in a difficult position in the class, they can focus on how they’re going to respond to the pose and they can work through it and I feel that this mental and spiritual side of our business has fed a lot of our growth as it really resonates with people.”

Yoga has certain pre-conceived notions surrounding it, and Blackmon has heard them all. She explains, “People tell me all the time that they can’t do yoga because they say that they don’t have balance. Or my favorite is when people tell me that yoga is too easy for them. And of course I hear from men who say that yoga is just not for men. People want the flexibility and the ability to not be hurting with their muscles and that’s exactly what we work on. But the core strength is so vital and people have no idea how much that strength will improve their overall health and wellbeing.”

As with any small business in the area, community support has been critical for their stability and growth. “Community is just so big here. The people that come are not only about being well and fit, but they also connect outside of class. We have socials each month, and I love to connect with these women. That has been so fun for me as I’ve gotten involved locally and that’s different than most studios I think. I absolutely love it here and love my students and what we’ve established here.”


FYZICAL Fitness & Yoga Studio
Shanna Blackmon, Studio Manager & Lead Instructor
1411 South Main Street, Ste 101
shanna.blackmon@fyzical.com (615) 509-3132


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