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We love our talented and outgoing photographer for Kendall County Woman, Paula VM. We asked her a few questions about how she came to be one of Kendall County’s most
creative photographers and what we can look forward to with her business.


How many years have you been in business?
Professionally since 2012

What got you into photography and where did the passion come from?
I’ve always been an artistic person which I feel was brought out because of my love for books and reading. As I got older, I developed a love for theater, museums, and photography; basically, all things dealing with the arts. I have been involved in the artistic community all of my life.Fast forward a few years and I met Marc, my husband, who was an amateur photographer. I started using his camera to photograph family and areas around town. He saw how good my work was and encouraged me to pursue it as a career. Because I was already involved in the creative industry, I began taking headshots for actors, which then led to photographing models. When we moved to Boerne, I saw there was a need for a different, more artistic type of photography, so here I am.

What is it specifically about photography that you enjoy?
What I enjoy most about photography is not only the impact I make on a client’s life when they immediately see their photographs, but knowing the impact it’s going to have on future generations when they see their loved ones captured as a beautiful work of art. I love the idea that my work will outlive me and my clients and hope that future generations will look at them and see them as art and feel inclined to hang them proudly in their homes even without having ever met the subject.

What is your favorite kind of photography and why?
My favorite type of photography is when I create my own setting and it’s personalized for each client based on who they are. This is why I meet with all my clients for an initial consultation because it helps me to develop my ideas on how to photograph them. I also enjoy capturing still life photographs, whether I create images in my studio or go out and find the beauty in nature. I’m able to put my own artistic ideas in them. I offer creative branding sessions which are so much fun to do and I really get to know the clients well. It feels great to be able to help someone with their business ideas and goals. My focus is portraits of men, women, children, families and high school seniors.

What has proven to be the biggest challenge for you in your industry?
One of the biggest challenges is to make women understand how important it is for them to have individual portraits done. Women will always want family portraits and that is needed and great, but they need to be able to see the beauty in themselves as an individual. Another challenge has been to not only make people understand the importance of photographs, but also how important it is to have them printed on the highest quality paper by a professional. The quality of paper matters because this allows the photographs to be handed down to future generations and still look good.

What does the future hold for your business? New initiatives, services, offerings?
I’m planning to be more involved in the artistic areas of the community by opening my space to events, workshops and other fun things and also becoming involved with local artists and other creatives which is in the works as this goes to print. It’s too soon to put a name on my ideas so stay tuned! I also have some creative ideas for a new level of portraits that will be offered in 2022. I can’t give away all my secrets so you’ll just have to wait and see.

How has the Kendall County community supported you?
Not only have I made some amazing friends, the community has been completely supportive of my work. I have clients of all ages that I’ve photographed and have purchased my fine art. They’ve also shared my work on social media which has helped bring me more business. During covid which really hurt small business I had people go out of their way to purchase art from me, just one of the many benefits of living in a town like Boerne.


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