Andra Wisian Announces Candidacy for Kendall County Commissioner Precinct 2

Andra Wisian has announced her candidacy for Kendall County Commissioner Precinct 2 and has filed to run in the Republican primary on March 1, 2022. She has named Duane Zoeller as her campaign treasurer.

“I am a native and seventh-generation Texan. Nearly 30 years ago, my husband, Kirby, and I chose Kendall County as an ideal community to start a family. We wanted to settle here because of the friendly people, the traditional way of life, and the Hill Country beauty. We have a great passion for this unique area and the very special people who live here,” said Wisian.

“As our county faces a challenging time, I want to play a key role in protecting the community that Kirby and I love. In the upcoming months, I look forward to meeting you personally and hearing about your vision for Kendall County,” said Wisian.

“As a servant leader, I will work hard as a full-time commissioner, always being mindful that I report to you, the citizens of Kendall County. I am a fiscal conservative. I believe in strong law and order, protecting our natural resources and agricultural land, and maintaining county roads and bridges. I am committed to serving our citizens and will fight to keep the irreplaceable character and culture of Kendall County for future generations,” said Wisian.
Wisian is a dedicated Republican. She has been elected president, secretary, and chaplain for Kendall County Republican Women, as well as secretary for the Greater San Antonio Council of Texas Federation of Republican Women.

An independent business woman, Wisian is a media consultant and helps run the family cattle operation. She is also a steadfast volunteer. She is known for bringing people together for a mutual goal, finding common-sense solutions, and fostering successful outcomes.

Appointed by Governor Greg Abbott, Wisian represents Kendall County as a Director to the GuadalupeBlanco River Authority, which supports responsible watershed protection and stewardship, provides quality operational service, and promotes conservation and educational opportunities.

Wisian was a key leader to create a very successful private-public partnership among county residents,

Kendall County, and Texas Parks & Wildlife to build the Youth Agriculture & Equestrian Center. The Center supports positive youth development ensuring a strong future generation of leaders for the county, state, and nation.

Wisian and husband, Kirby, have two grown sons. They are members of St. John Lutheran Church and give back by supporting several community organizations with their time, talent, and resources.


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