Mark Rodkey, MD: Mark Rodkey, MD


Dr. Mark Rodkey is the area’s newest addition to the medical community. With a slightly different business structure than the typical “doctor’s office”, Dr. Rodkey is working hard to re-invent patient care for our most vulnerable population, and do it in way that still maximizes patient care and convenience.


Year founded? 2022

College Gonzaga University in Spokane Washington. Medical school Wayne State University in Detroit. Pediatric residency Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Ohio. Pediatric emergency medicine fellowship, Children’s Hospital medical center of Akron, Akron Ohio.

What has been your experience?
I have 30 years caring for children in the emergency department at Children’s hospitals and 15 years of leadership experience as medical director. I have One year experience as chief medical officer at a camp for immigrant children. I have received appointments to five medical schools, and have extensive education experience.

I am Board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergency Medicine. I am also certified in basic life support, pediatric advanced life support, advanced pediatric life support, advanced cardiac life support, neonatal resuscitation, and advanced trauma Life support.

Tell us a little about your business model
Platinum Pediatrics is the first office of its kind! It is based on a direct care model, where families pay a monthly subscription and have direct access to the nurses and physicians who work in the office in Boerne. The physicians and nurses have extensive experience in pediatric emergency departments and therefore are very comfortable taking care of children when they are sick or injured.

The practice does not take insurance, and is based upon a monthly subscription. This allows parents to know that their child’s health care is not based upon reimbursement, and is not limited by an insurance company’s requirements. The medical care received in the office is included in the monthly fee.

Because the staff have experience in pediatric emergency departments, Platinum Pediatrics can provide medical interventions that might not otherwise be available in a private office. Evaluation and treatment of most medical problems, and many injuries can be accomplished without a trip to the emergency department.

What made you choose this particular model?
The model for this practice was developed in order to solve many of the problems we all face with emergency departments, and getting access to the physicians and nurses who can help us because they know us. The seed was planted when I was helping a friend’s daughter who lives in Boerne. She had been to an emergency department without a successful treatment plan. Her pediatrician was unavailable. While helping her with an apparent asthma attack, I realized that the closest Pediatric emergency facility was 40 minutes away. After successfully treating the episode, and getting her the appropriate medications, she did not have to be admitted to the hospital.

People who live in suburban or rural places often do not have access to higher level care for their children. The model we have developed is intended to bring that care closer to them.

Why Boerne?
We have lived in Boerne for 12 years. Our three boys graduated from Boerne High School. This practice will allow us to give our community the medical expertise we have been giving at large children’s hospitals for several decades.

How are you working closely with other providers in the area?
Platinum Pediatrics will be an asset to every practice in Boerne! The pediatricians will have access to care which they are accustomed to receiving only at large children’s hospitals. The Urgent Care centers have access to people who are very comfortable with children who are sick or injured. The emergency department will have another resource.

There’s an outreach program to dentists, other physicians, sub-specialists, pharmacists, schools, preschools, and many more people who are responsible for the well-being of our children. Platinum Pediatrics will be a resource for Boerne!

How has the community supported you so far?
Parents have indicated relief that they have a place in Boerne to take their children for help. Physicians and other medical professionals have indicated they are happy to have a new resource. Small businesses have shown interest as a way to provide a local option for their employees’ children when they are injured or sick.


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