Good Summer Reads: By Local Authors


1. The Texan’s Truth
By Jolene Navarro
Returning to his hometown, Bridges Espinoza is surprised to find, Lilianna, the woman he once secretly loved, there as well. But even more stunning is the child who shows up claiming to be his son. Certain he can’t be a father, Bridges works with Lilianna to find the truth. A shocking discovery about Cooper’s parentage could tear their makeshift family apart.

2. Kendall of the Picayune
By Fayette Copeland
George Wilkins Kendall, who founded the New Orleans Picayune in 1837, was a restless, impatient, and colorful character in an exciting era. For thirty years he guided the Picayune and built it into a powerful force in behalf of America’s westward expansion. Kendall’s vigorous editorials championed the cause of the infant Republic of Texas.

3. Ghost Daughter
By Helen Currie Foster
When lawyer Alice MacDonald Greer finds the dead body of her friend and client Ellie Windom at the foot of a staircase, she knows trouble’s coming. Serving as executor for her friend’s will means grappling with Ellie’s explosive secrets: a long-lost daughter unknown to her feuding sons and a long-ago lover with enemies of his own. Join Alice as she tries to dodge danger and uncover the murderous truth in a race across Texas and New Mexico.

4. Bloodlines & Fencelines
By D.L.S. Evatt
Sheriff Ray Crawford Osborne is in over his head when someone murders the First Lady of Lantz, Texas. Suspects include her persnickety husband; their daughter; a businesswoman with a reputation for revenge; a nasty local drunk; a combat veteran; the richest man in town; and a young man who had a peculiar relationship with the victim. Osborne may not know much about detective work, but he knows the secrets and lies of everyone in town.

5. #Huntedlives
By Kady Hinojosa
Splashed across Twitter and YouTube, murders are stacking up and there are more questions than answers. FBI agent, Mali Hooper, teams up with Special Agent, Jacob Black, to hunt the killer. As they race to solve the case, Mali herself becomes the target. Can she survive the pain, exhaustion, and terror she is about to face?

6. An Alzheimer’s Journey:
Carolyn’s Return to Birth
By Edward Alderette
Edward wrote this book, dedicated to Carolyn’s memory and her many life accomplishments, with the hope that their experience may profit others who are assaulted by the harsh blows and the ultimate finality of which Alzheimer’s spares no one when it asserts itself in their life. Edward walked alongside Carolyn, relying on his many years of experience as a psychotherapist to help her with the fears that came with the condition while helping himself reframe the tragedy into an opportunity for personal spiritual growth and a deepened connection with her.

7. Mom and Pop Tex-Mex:
Café Style Tex-Mex Cooking
By Michael Fahrenthold
Mom and Pop Tex-Mex is a book about the way Tex-Mex cooking used to be before it was “glamoured” up and “improved” by those who felt they could do it better. Included are traditional recipes used in popular cafes and restaurants in San Antonio and the South Texas region. If you want to know the way to do it in your own restaurant or at home, you can use the same recipes and feel confident that you are serving the same food you would have found in the 1950’s and 1960’s in San Antonio’s “Mexican” Restaurants.

8. The Ambassadors of the Texas Hill Country
By John F. Aceti
Moving from one state to another and from one country to another can be an exciting and challenging experience. Fifty-four individuals tell their stories about how they came to the state of Texas and specifically the Texas Hill Country to work, live or retire. These people share their life stories from childhood to the present time and tell why they left their home states or countries to search for the American dream.


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