BEAUTY: Skincare and Makeup Tips Over 50


by Amanda Graybill

When it comes to aging, we all want to put a stop to it. As much as we try to escape it, aging is an inevitable part of life. Let’s remember this, age is just a number. It doesn’t mean that we can’t fun and at least look good while doing it!


As women our bodies go through many changes and many seasons. So, it makes sense to change up our makeup routine and skincare formulas to better serve us women over 50. What used to be plump skin, like green grapes, turns into raisins and then into corn flakes.
How can we use the right skin care and makeup to achieve a younger more youthful look? When it comes to skin the number one thing you should do is invest in your skincare routine. Your makeup is only as strong as your skin.

One of the biggest beauty mistakes that women make is not having a good skin care routine. Sleeping with makeup on is a big no-no. And going without sunscreen only creates more damage to the skin. Having a good skin care routine is important for mature skin. With the right skin care, you can help your skin stay hydrated, help with wrinkles, and keep your skin looking its best as you age. I personally recommend going with all-natural product that doesn’t have parabens or phthalates.

According to recent studies, chemicals such as phthalates and parabens can interfere with the body’s hormones, most notably reproductive hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.

With this in mind, where do you begin?

First, know your skin type.

Obviously, this article is about skincare and makeup over 50 which is called “mature skin”. But there can be some characteristics that may need to be addressed such as sun damage, rosacea or pigmented skin.

The most important skin care tip for mature skin includes wearing sunscreen daily, using the right moisturizers for your skin type, and making sure you stay hydrated. Your water intake equals plumper healthier skin and will improve the elasticity.

Every woman over 50 should be exfoliating their skin at least two to three times per week with a gentle exfoliator. This gives your skin a wonderful base for applying your skin care so that it goes deeper into the epidermis layer of your skin. I recommend using a skin Polish at least two to three times per week to get rid of their dry dead skin.
Prepping Your Skin for Makeup

1. Good skin care reacts to water. I love using an organic rosewater to prep the skin first before applying serums, oils or lotions. Simply spritz your face with this rosewater and while it’s wet start applying your skin care.

2. Using an eye serum versus an eye cream. An eye cream is mainly for moisture. It may help with crepiness and texture but may not be as effective for dark circles and anti-aging as an eye serum.

Eye serums are lighter than a cream, has less oil, and uses a vehicle that allows for better penetration of potent anti-aging ingredients as opposed to an eye cream. Eye serums in general are better for wrinkles, dark circles, reduction of puffiness and help improve skin firmness by going to work on the sensitive tissues surrounding the eye.

3. When applying skincare, the rule of thumb is to apply light to heavy with Serums and oils applied first by gently massaging them into the skin.

4. The easiest way to achieve that youthful, Dewey look was with a little oil. You can press the oil onto your cheekbones to help hydrate. You’ll be amazed at how it takes years off. Hydration the oil allows light to reflect off your skin, creating a fresh glow and the bouncy, suppleness you’re after. I love using an all-natural, all- skin type oil. The shine and the added moisture will fill in any lines and smooth the look of your skin almost instantly.

5. Priming your eyelids where they concealer that matches your skin tone can help reduce visible signs of aging and keep your eye makeup in place all day. I recommend using a waterproof concealer. As we age, our skin becomes thinner, especially around the eyes, often resulting in uneven tones of purple, blue, and read. By applying a thin layer of eye primer to your lids to even out the tone, it neutralizes any unwanted shade. This will make for a more vibrant, long wearing eye shadow application if you choose, or a brighter, more awake-looking eye.

6. Foundation is a personal preference but when it comes to make up over 50, I recommend starting out with a creamy foundation by applying thin layers using a dampened makeup sponge and buffing into the skin almost like applying a moisturizer. One that is highly pigmented will give you lasting wear and will not oxidize when light hits it.
Using a blending foundation brush, make sure you blend the foundation outwards towards your ears, hairline, and neck. Before you complete the foundation step use the beauty blender and tap all over the skin. For lines this takes excess foundation that is sitting on top of the skin off.

7. Don’t forget prepping your lips. Why the foundation off your lips and apply a lip balm to condition and moisturize your lips.

8. Concealer is a key step in highlighting and brightening the face as well as concealing under eye and inner corners to effectively counteract dark circles. A lighter shade concealer added on the outside eye bone area and swept upward lifts the mature eye.

9. Blush is used for sculpting makeup for women over 50. Start by applying blush at the top of the cheekbone and then blend inward. they tried and true technique of smiling while you apply blush is not as effective at this age. muted rosy shades worked great and then finish off with a nice translucent powder that does not cake.

10. Bronzer will give that sun kissed look and help with a glow. This also is a terrific way to give a 3-dementional look and bring definition to the cheekbone, nose and forehead.
11. Take it easy on the brows. First, focus on keeping the brows full naturally, if possible. But oftentimes as we age, our brows get thinner, and gray hairs appear. Use a brow pencil that gives the look of natural hairs. Add a tinted brow gel is rich in pigment and plant-based fibers to add volume and fill in sparse areas of the brow. The fibers lock on to tame, define, and hold the shape of your brow.

12. Eyeshadow is best done in cool tones keeping it neutral for a natural look. Build layers from light to dark using a blending eye shadow brush. Before Applying mascara make sure to curl the lashes with an eyelash curler, starting right at the root. When it comes to mascara choose a jet-black formula that nourishes the hairs while supplying natural definition.

13. Eye pencils help define the eye and make them look larger if applied correctly. Eyelids can start to wrinkle and become more hooded with age- making it much more difficult to swipe a pencil smoothly across. Instead, try dotting a pencil or liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line and fill it in neatly with and angled eyebrow brush. Another trick to make your eyes appear more open is called, tightlining. Take an eye pencil and apply it to the underside of the eye right at the lash line.

14. Lips finish the face! For thinner lips this is the time you can draw outside the lines. Use a lip liner to outline the lips going just on the outside of the natural line. Apply lipstick lightly and use a lip brush to blend.

15. Finish your look with a great setting spray that will keep your face on all day, but also keep your face looking radiant as well.

About Amanda Graybill
Amanda is a skincare and makeup artist specializing in women ages 50 and over. She is an Executive Director with LimeLife by Alcone, an all-natural skincare and professional makeup company in New York City. Her passion is to help women age gracefully by feeling great in their own skin. Having a woman in her chair is like having a canvas for a painter. But this is more than skincare and makeup to Amanda, it is really a ministry to help women feel special, know they are made in God’s image, and recognize their beauty starts from within. You can reach Amanda at 830-388-0233 for an appointment or email her at


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