PROFILE: Shelby Johnson – FAITH & FUNKY JUNK Founder & CEO


Years of Experience?
I have about thirty-five years of experience. I am telling you my age right now as I was probably 15 years old when I would jump into our car at seven in the morning and head out garage sale-ing with my family. It was a weekly addiction that I never sought out help for.  I thrift shopped throughout my high school years. Wearing all kinds of cool vintage funky clothing and beaming about my whole outfit being paid by a $10 bill. My friends questioned my sanity! During my adult life I’ve probably had thirty garage sales of my own and six antique/flea market spaces.

What were you doing before Faith & Funky Junk?
I started my decorating business here in Boerne in 2004. I would give a client’s home a whole makeover using what they already owned. I called it Rearrangements by Shelby. At the end of the day I would have a list of items needed to finish the look of their new redesigned home. We would load up in my truck the next day to shop all the thrift stores from Boerne to Kerrville. They couldn’t believe the money they would save and how we could fit it all into the bed of my truck. I still squeeze in a decorating job here and there but don’t have too drive far to thrift!

What made you decide to open a thrift store?
A longtime friend of mine and I conceived the idea one morning at breakfast as she was trying to figure out her next move in life. Together we shared a passion for thrifting and wanted to start a non- profit where we could combine both our love of thrifting and community service in our own backyard of Kendall County. God opened the door and pushed us through it! Four months later we opened for business and have been thriving for two full years now. She left a year ago to pursue other interests.

What has been your favorite part of opening FNFJ?
Renovating our Thrift Barn is my favorite moment so far. We did it during the Covid Pandemic and our sweet friends and family joined in to help. We were all glad to get out and be a part of something fun again. With our varying talents we quickly made the transformation possible.

What has proven the most challenging?
We do have our daily challenges here at Faith & Funky Junk. We are a non- profit thrift store and rely solely on donations of furniture, clothing, and housewares to resell. We have been blessed with loads of good items daily. With so many donations coming in it makes it a struggle to keep up. The challenge we face is getting enough dedicated volunteers to process it all. This entails unloading, unpacking, dividing, pricing, and displaying it all while keeping everything organized, clean and appealing. Our volunteers rock and astound me daily with their dedication and resilience throughout both our Texas seasons.

How has the community supported you locally?
Our Kendall County community has been so accepting and supportive these first years of getting our Barn on its feet. People come from all around to check us out for the first time. Some local thrifters come several times a week, as new inventory is stocked all day every day. We cannot advertise enough as we are located just outside of North Boerne, and away from most of it’s activity. We are so appreciative when our shoppers spread the word to all their friends and family.

You guys seem very passionate about fundraising for the community, tell me more about that?
Fundraising for anyone in need has always been an extreme hobby for me. I cannot stand to see the struggles so many of us face daily. Our young Thrift Barn has had the opportunity to have big events such as our Funky Junk-Yard sale, Artsy Fartsy Fair, and our new Singles Social. These events bring customers that buy from the store and give monetary donations. The store will give a percentage of the sales from that weekend plus the monetary donation to that person/ family in need. Previous fundraisers here have helped, so far, health issues with a local fire captain and police officer, veteran who lost his home to fire, Covid survivors, and those coming out of horrible situations just trying to find a fresh start in life. We have the ability to reclothe, refurnish, and rebuild lives by redirecting our donated items to individuals in despair. God works hard here!

What’s on FNFJ’s vision board?
A vision board…to bring in more shoppers to be able to further our outreach in the community and to just keep doing what is right at the right time for the right amount of people. Each day is so full of energy and exertion. The goal is to fill at least one person’s day with joy and fulfillment whether it is with big hugs or housewares, lol.


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