Publisher: July August 2022


Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

This issue is just so fun! Kelly Skovbjerg, Director of the Patrick Heath Public Library is just such a testament to the countless stories of people that choose to live in this area, invest their energies toward improving the community and its resources, and accomplish things that they never thought they actually might! As she celebrates 20 years with the City and the Library, Skovbjerg recounts the adventures of her career leading her ultimately to our fair city, the initiatives she has enjoyed undertaking, and even discusses the next chapters for her career.

Additionally, we always try to deliver so much relevant information for you, the ladies of Kendall County! From fashion to books to food to exercise…we cover so much information and ensure that virtually everything that we highlight has a local connection in the pursuit of supporting our small, locally owned female business owners. So as the heat bears down on us this summer, please take a minute with a glass of iced tea and a quiet back porch and enjoy a tour of the community in the pages of Kendall County Woman!

Lastly, as I always remind you…nearly every article you read in the publication has come to us from you: readers! So if you know a woman with a great story, or a small business doing some amazing things, or an event that we simply must highlight, then don’t be shy! Reach out via any of the emails to the right and let’s start a conversation! We appreciate those of you that take the time to send us recommendations and so enjoy the involvement from this great community of women who work tirelessly to support and promote other women!

I hope that you have a tremendous summer and enjoy this issue!


Peggy Schooley


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