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Good Reads: Kady Hinojosa, author


Kady Hinojosa is an author, wife, step-mom, Grammy of six, breast cancer survivor, and loves exercising (walking, running, biking, golfing, swimming, lifting weights, scuba diving). She enjoys country music and the oldies-but-goodies, cruising, helping others, and is an optimist, believing that most people are good and kind, and miracles occur every day.
Born and raised in California, Kady always loved creative writing, a love that grew from traveling around the world visiting her dad after her parent’s divorce. She spent her summers in Vietnam (during the war in 1973), Somalia, Kenya, the Philippines, Yemen and Nepal. Exploring other countries and learning about unique cultures fanned the flame of curiosity and creativity.

However, she used that creativity in a different way and took a logic track in college, studying Computer Science and graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1984. She joined the Navy a few years after college and went to Washington, D.C., working for the Inter-American Defense College as a Logistics Officer, as well as the Finance Officer during trips to Central and South America.

While there, she met her future husband, Jose (a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and an aviator, flying Apaches and Cobras). After resigning her commission, they married and spent 3 years in Japan. During that time, Kady obtained her Masters in Management degree and, at the same time, created a student database for Troy State University, improving their efficiency tenfold. Following that tour of duty, Jose and Kady returned to Texas to be closer to family.

The bulk of her career, post Navy, was spent working as a Senior Business Analyst/Quality Assurance expert for financial, and other, websites. She excelled at writing detailed, concise and clear requirements for clients, then testing the programs to ensure all requirements were met.

After retiring, she returned to her love of creative writing and wove her IT experience into her first trilogy, the Mali Hooper Thriller series — #HuntedLives, #JusticePrevails, and #DanceFever (to be released in early September 2022).

Through her novels, Kady enjoys exploring topics that concern her, and writing about them in a way that captures the readers’ attention in an entertaining way.

DINING: Where to Eat


As Kendall County has grown, so have our dining options. From a really gorgeous date night with your husband, to a girls’ night out…the area has you covered with some great options from the formal and romantic to the light and casual.

We ventured out into the night a few weeks ago and sampled a few dishes around town and simply wanted to highlight a few of these dishes for you as you consider your next night out. We continually encourage local families to shop/dine locally, as it is the fabric of our community, and dining is such an easy way to do this.

So as you get the kids back in school, plan yourself a great evening either with friends or your most important guy in your life and ENJOY!

Cypress Grille

The Blackened Sea Scallops are absolutely heavenly. Scallops is one of those dishes that you can either do it perfectly…or terribly. Cypress Grille has consistently been one of the area’s best local eateries, and consistency is one of their key ingredients. When you have a date night with your guy set, be sure to try the Scallops – you will not be disappointed.

Little Gretel

The Roast Pork special at Little Gretel is the one you remember and request whenever available. So tender, juicy, and memorable. This one is for sitting on their amazing patio and relaxing with your friends while enjoying a nice Austrian beer and just watching the town zoom by on River Rd. Little Gretel is always fun also because you can then head next door to the area’s premier full bar, Salvador Dobbs. Make a whole evening out of it.

Dodging Duck

The Heart of Boerne salad is pretty much famous around town. If you want to sit on the patio, enjoy hand crafted brews overlooking the river and laugh till your belly hurts with your friends, this is your pick. The Heart of Boerne salad has been on the menu forever, and the sweet from the cranberries with the fresh greens and dressings just makes for a perfect lighter option either for an early happy hour option or a lighter dinner!



Feature: Melissa Smith


Ford of Boerne



Melissa and Roland Smith, owners of Ford of Boerne, are no strangers to simply identifying a goal and working feverishly to reach that goal. From roots deep in the Rio Grande Valley, to ultimately owning and operating several auto dealerships throughout our area, the couple have created new roots here in Kendall County, and work together seamlessly to lead their teams and create success for them as well.

Melissa, originally from McAllen, had entrepreneurial roots: “My father wore many hats – he was a rancher, he was a pharmacist and a banker. My mom was primarily a Homemaker. We had to work the ranches on the weekends and I grew up learning the cattle business, riding horses, hunting…my dad and I were best friends. I was on shift with my dad when he passed. It was 5 years ago now and was injury related. My mom’s mom – Argentina Ortega from Reynosa, Mexico – she was a self-made woman – liberated before the term even existed. She was strong as an ox, hardworking, had one child (my mother) and she loved us more than anything on earth. She also ran a multi-million dollar business after she was widowed at age 36. She was in the restaurant / catering business and she did this in a man’s world in a country where women were not leaders of their cities or business or really in any capacity. She was a badass, man. Her best quality was that she was extremely generous to her community and family and anyone she could help. That’s where I learned that that would be my role as an adult.”

In high school, Melissa had already begun dating Roland, she was “waiting for every Friday night to just have fun and really all I thought about was becoming a teacher and living my life with Roland.” From high school, the duo entered college with Melissa at A&M and Roland playing football at Rice. “It was hard but we made it work”.

The couple ultimately transferred to Trinity University for Roland to pursue business, and for Melissa to continue her education degree. Upon graduation in 1986, the couple was married two weeks later. The couple immediately moved back home for Melissa to begin her teaching career and Roland began working with his father at the small family auto dealership, Frank Smith Toyota. “He didn’t enjoy sales a lot which is what he started doing– Roland is a pretty introverted guy but he likes a business challenge so he slowly moved up the ranks. He went from sales to finance to management of departments and ultimately to management the store. In ’90 the two of us started to buy his father out. By that time, they had Toyota and Hyundai.”

Roland, perhaps a bit reluctant to follow in Dad’s footsteps, found himself really excelling in the business operation, and began to map out the future for his family business. She continues, “He didn’t want to necessarily follow dad’s vision for the dealership. He wanted his MBA, got it, and he started to really enjoy things when he got into growing the business and less of the sales end. His father was very content with a small mom and pop store, and Roland wasn’t. Roland moved it to a different location and brought on Hyundai. I’m still teaching school at this time. In 2006, we have 4 kids, he wants to move again to the freeway, and he said ‘I need your help’. That’s when we teamed up.”

Melissa’s role quickly became one of Public Relations. She continues, “I was part of the face of the dealership during the ‘90s. We’re a big part of the community. We were heavily involved in supporting the causes in our community, particularly with education, children, and athletics. If there was a check to present, a commercial to be made, a hand to be shaken, that fell to me. Roland wasn’t into that, so I enjoyed that.”

As business grew, so did the plans that the couple began to put into action. Ultimately fully buying Roland’s father out of the business, and deciding that they had outgrown their 2nd location, the couple decided to build two Toyota/Hyundai dealerships outside of McAllen, which caused Melissa to enter the family business full time at this point in 2006. “I was super excited. Dealing with the people was so much fun and I loved the fact that I had the chance to build a state of the art facility – nobody had a dealership like ours. My favorite was Landers Toyota in Arkansas – I took a lot of decorative ideas from them – we had a huge beautiful facility with a playground, a restaurant, a glass a/c delivery section for customers to have their cars delivered…but mainly, the fact that it was OURS was my favorite part.”

Upon opening, the Recession of 2008 was in full swing and it was a scary time. However, business slowly leveled off, and the couple was able to right the ship and were in full swing. “In 2013 we were approached by Roger Penske from Penske Automotive and he wants to buy us out. It was a huge deal for us and we closed soon after. By this time we’re known and respected nationwide and repeat winners of every Toyota award of excellence you can get, and I credit all of that to Roland and the wonderful employees we’ve brought with us up here to Boerne.”

Successfully selling the dealership brought financial successes, but overall, Melissa found herself unhappy. She continues, “I was so bored post sale. We’re on the verge of killing each other. Roland has always dabbled with real estate on the side, but he’s working from home, I was not busy…kids are in college…and it just wasn’t working. Roland decides we’re getting back in the car business and he flies to North Texas, rents a car and drives from small towns to small towns looking for Ford dealerships to buy, because he’s always wanted to be a Ford dealer. He always thought there was potential with Ford.

He had a very specific plan in mind and that was to look for opportunities in Ford dealerships.” And with that, the couple purchased Jennings Anderson Ford in 2018 and rebranded to Ford of Boerne thereafter.

“We loved the location. It was FORD, and that was important. It’s such a beautiful city here. Beautiful location with the trees and the layout. I have a lot of family in San Antonio. It’s centrally located to all of our kids. At this point in time, Michael (one of their children) is in the automotive industry and not working for us. He did a couple years with Sewell Auto Group, and when we were looking at this location, he was in auto advertising. So, we know we’ve got one of our children interested in working in the industry!”

New residents of Kendall County, Melissa and Roland couldn’t be happier. “I was so excited being here. I’m a big outdoor girl, and I love the hill country – being close to my sisters – I love the fact that I was one less flight leg to McAllen. The convenience. At this point in time, I was very afraid …I had all my childhood friends in McAllen and I was afraid I would lose all my friends down there but at the same time I was excited to start anew. Boerne embraced us with a big ol’ bear hug and it was great and it still is.”

And as soon as the team got the keys to the dealership, things have gone great. She continues “Our transition was that the people that worked for the previous owner here at Ford were simply phenomenal. So, our role was to expand on the capability of the existing staff. They could have quit. They didn’t. The techs we have all been here forever. They thought we were with some huge auto group, but we explained that we were just a small organization and they embraced it. Such amazing people work here and they’re like family to us. Things were fantastic from the start. Year 1 we broke all sorts of sales records and kept going up from there and we have won the Ford President’s Award in 20, 21 and the Ford One Elite ’20-’21, and are on track to do the same for ’22.”

Continuing to grow and evolve, the couple bought Fredericksburg Chevy/Buick/GMC in 2020 and Three Rivers Ford and Pleasanton Ford in 2021.

As for all the dealerships, they remain consistent with their values. She explains, “We focused on our customer. I think that Martin Dinh (GM – Ford of Boerne) really focused on the culture of our team that we brought up from the Valley and we made it clear what our values were and what our mission was. We knew that if they embraced our values that they in turn would do very well for themselves. So, Martin, our board, they set their expectations very high and they expected a lot of our team and people jumped on board. And our success speaks to the leadership that we’ve put in place in the dealerships.”
Firmly entrenched locally at this point, Roland and Melissa now try to manage their schedules accordingly across the dealerships, but Melissa admits that she has some new distractions. She continues, “I’m trying to grandma as much as I can – 3 of ‘em now – and we’re actually expecting our 4th grandbaby today! It’s very cyclical for me nowadays. The good part of what I do is that I know which meetings I need to attend, every single event I have to be involved….one day I’m walking the facility to just identifying things to clean up, another one I’m in executive meetings for new employees, another one I’m on an event planning, and another one I’m working with the school district. I’m really enjoying my time with my grandsons, and they’re all local, and that’s huge for me! Michael and my daughter’s husband, Wes, all work here and I just absolutely love that.”

Melissa credits much of their local success with the community and the way that it embraced the family. She continues, “We moved here, and there’s a big mixture of anxiety and excitement, but I decided to do exactly what we did in the RGV by the way of letting the community know we were here for them. We have always been very supportive of the ISD, and the outreach via the Chamber here locally was amazing, and we asked them how we could connect locally. And in 5 seconds I was out there publicly and it worked. Kim Blohm (CEO of Boerne Chamber) helped with the introductions to Dr. Price (BISD Superintendent) and explained how involved I was with previous schools, and my background in teaching, and I wanted to do the same here. I particularly always wanted to make sure I could help underprivileged teens who thought they couldn’t further their educations, and I knew that education was the way to their success as long as they were on track.”

As to the next steps for the couple, they’re certainly not slowing down. “We’re looking to expand to more dealerships. We’ve never had a partner before, and we do now with Martin and a couple of his kids that might want to be in the auto business, so the buy/sell process is fun. Growing a business is fun. The auto business, as stressful as it is, there’s so many short-term goals…so it’s always exciting. We’re always looking at quick goals and there’s a lot of movement and I enjoy that. I bore easily and so I enjoy that part. It’s exciting. The people are exciting in this business and despite what anyone might think, the other dealerships are some of our best friends. It allows us to help others grow and as we purchase more dealerships, we can in turn provide ownership opportunities for others. That’s my biggest motivating factors.”

But no matter what business opportunities might arise, the family isn’t leaving this area. “It’s such a very kind and welcoming community – the people here are simply nice. I don’t even know how else to explain it. Welcoming. They get excited when I tell them that I bought the Ford dealership here and people get so excited and want to know everything about me. I’m always used to being the only woman in the room in my past jobs, and that hasn’t always been the same here. It’s so diverse and compelling.”

Successful business owner. Wife. Mother. And now Grandmother. Melissa is having the time of her life and has no interest in backing away from her day-to-day responsibilities any time soon. She concludes, “I’m not ready to slow down. I don’t have time to slow down. I don’t know how many years I have left, and I want to enjoy what I can while I can.”



Cocktails: St. Germain & Champagne


There’s only two ingredients: St. Germain (elderflower liqueur) and brut champagne. To make this drink, fill up a champagne flute 1/3 or 1/2 of the way with St. Germain (adding more will make it sweeter), then top off with champagne. Done. Instant party.
St. Germain is a floral tasting liqueur. And isn’t that bottle of St. Germain beautiful? If you’ve never had a taste, you simply must pick a bottle up soon! Make your way over to Salvador Dobbs in Boerne and ask the bartender for a shot, and savor each sip of fragrant, flowery goodness.

The sweetness of the St. Germain balances the dryness of the brut champagne, creating a well-balanced cocktail that can easily be enjoyed all night long.



What does St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur taste like?
St. Germain liqueur is both fruity and floral with a pleasant sweetness. The main flavor is a green, floral note from elderflower blossoms. The liqueur is rounded out with notes of stone fruit (peach), citrus (grapefruit) and tropical fruit (lychee). I also notice a little bit of Asian pear.

St. Germain is a very pleasant and approachable liqueur. You can sip on it in a glass with ice or enjoy it in a St. Germain cocktail (like this one!).

What is St. Germain Liqueur made of? The recipe for St. Germain Liqueur is a mystery; however, we do know that each bottle is infused with up to 1,000 hand-picked, wild elderflower blossoms. The blossoms are picked during peak season (summer in France) to ensure the best flavor and aroma.

Profile: Theresa Thompson – Blithe Creamery


Blithe Creamery is a small batch ice cream maker that likes to show up to events in a freezer trike. Currently, they sell ice cream sandwiches made from cookies they bake themselves…with gluten-free flours.


How long have you been in Boerne? (What brought you to Boerne?):
My husband and I visited Boerne when I was pregnant with our first kiddo (he’s now 10 years old). We stayed in a room above the Cypress Grille, and fell in love with the charm of the city. It reminded me of the Wisconsin town I grew up in, but with less snow. When I got out of active duty, we decided to start looking at settling into Boerne and in less than a year we were moving in.

Out of all the food in the world, why ICE CREAM?
My culinary experience had me working in all types of eateries, and my favorites were the casual places that focused on creating quality products and unique experiences. After spending time in the Navy, I happened to step back into a commercial kitchen and it felt like home. I knew I had to make a decision about what I wanted to do now that I wasn’t active duty, so I made a list of things that make me happy: puppies, flowers, coffee, and ice cream. Ice cream just seemed like a good fit and I knew it would allow me to be creative in a kitchen.

What got you into this industry?
I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Media Promotions in 2003, and after spending a year or so looking for a position in that industry, I looked into culinary arts. I packed up and moved out to Seattle, Washington to attend culinary school. I went to classes while also gaining work experience in an area of the country where there is no shortage of different flavors and chefs work in tandem with local farmers to create fresh, exciting food. Being able to chat with the man delivering the mussels and oysters that he plucked from the water or walking through Pike Place market as it opens up for the day are experiences that have helped me build an appreciation for how our food makes it to our bellies. Unfortunately, I had to step away from bouncing around the food scene in Seattle, and joined the Navy.

What keeps you at your job?
That feeling I get when someone tells me it tastes delicious!

What’s something people don’t understand about your job?
Ahhhhh, probably why they don’t see Oreos or other highly processed cookies and candies in my shop. The moment I tasted my first batch of homemade marshmallows, I knew I couldn’t go back to the jet-puffed type from the grocery store. My style of culinary expression is seasonal and from scratch. I try to avoid adding processed items or things with food coloring. Instead, I bake all the cookies and choose natural options, like spirulina, to add classic colors to the ice cream. However, I DO keep rainbow sprinkles in the shop!

What’s something that people would find surprising about your job?
Most people are surprised by the amount of science is involved in the making of ice cream. Adding different items to the ice cream base can change the texture of the final product dramatically.

What’s been the hardest part about your job?
The hard parts are always changing. First, I had to leave for a year because I’m in the Navy reserves and they sent me away. When I got back, I was set to get started on my business in the beginning of 2020, and we all know how that went. Now, it’s just trying to pay attention to everything about the business 100% of the time.

What challenges have you faced as you’ve gained a popularity?
With the storefront, I haven’t been able to take on as many events as I was doing before because I just don’t have the staff for it. We’ve also discovered that eight flavors of ice cream in the dipping freezer doesn’t seem to offer enough variety for customers. We are looking into a new freezer to accommodate a few more but we are running out of space to put more equipment.

What makes your Ice Cream so special to you?
I spend a lot of time creating new flavors and recipes, and truly enjoy the process. When I see all that hard work materialize into smiles and new core memories for my customers, I feel honored to be part of their stories.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
There are a few ideas I have for expansion and collaboration, but they all include ice cream and Boerne.

Your favorite misconception about your job?
People either think that I love ice cream and could never be sick of it or that I must be sick of it. It really just depends on the day.

Anything you’d like to say to the local community?
I’m always so grateful for the way that the local community shows up for the local businesses. For that, I am eternally thankful. You make my heart full!

222 S. Main St. in Boerne
Open 11-6 Wednesdays and Thursdays.
11am to 8pm Friday and Saturday.
12pm to 5pm Sundays.

Young Entrepreneur – Abril Hernández


Young entrepreneur, Abril Hernández, age 14, is in  business of selling her uniquely decorated bakery items. We asked her a few things about her business.


What’s your age, grade and what school do you attend?
I am 14 years old, in 9th grade and go to Boerne High School.

How did you get into your business?
I was 12 years old when I started my business June 27, 2020 with no idea of what I was getting myself into. I wanted to do something with my long days stuck at home. I developed a passion for baking I never knew was so big. I really thought my hobby would last a few months, but I was everything but right. Now I have had my business for a little over two years and couldn’t be more thankful for everything I have built.

How have your parents helped you?
My parents and my siblings have been by my side through my journey of becoming a business owner. By being my biggest fans and staying up with me all night to finish big orders. I’ve never been more thankful for my family until these past two years. They support me and are so proud of me, I couldn’t have asked for a better support system.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learned in running your business?
The biggest lesson I have learned while running my business is that, success takes time. Everything good in this world takes time. At first I was frustrated that I wouldn’t get enough orders, or that things wouldn’t go according to plan. But I just had to trust the process and trust that God had a plan for me. Being patient is so important, I’m not perfect and my cakes aren’t perfect either. But I know one thing, and that is that I am doing my best and that is all that matters to me.

What are your future plans for your business?
My future plans are to hopefully expand my business into more than a home-based business. Possibly moving into a commercial space after college, or creating courses online. But i’m really just trusting the process and enjoying every minute of being able to help my community!

After high school, what are your plans?
After high school I plan on attending college and becoming a Special Education teacher. My dream is to attend The University Of Texas Austin, or studying abroad with The University of Notre Dame.

What would you like to do for your career?
I’d love to become a Special education teacher, but ultimately having my own bakery storefront is my long term dream.

How has the community supported you?
The community has supported me in so many ways that I will forever be grateful for. They have booked me for their business grand openings, promoted me with their friends and family, but most importantly they have supported me since I started my business and have made me feel so welcomed since I started my business. I will forever be grateful for this community.

Profile: Alyce Gonzales


We asked Alyce Gonzales a few questions about her job as a bartender at Cypress Grille in Boerne.


How long have you been a bartender?
I’ve worked at Cypress 10 years this last March.

What got you into this industry?
I had worked as a life guard and swim teacher in California and was looking for something different.

What keeps you at your job?
Over the last ten years, I have developed such a wonderful relationship with my regulars. I watched their families grow, get married and have children. It’s also nice meeting new people that are interested in moving to the area.

What’s something people don’t understand about your job?
This job requires a lot of patience… and it’s more challenging that just pouring wine.

Your favorite misconception about your job?
Maybe that this job is fun and care free and easy. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that I don’t think people realize. Just a reminder to be nice to your local bar tender and be happy to have a night out on the town!

What’s been the hardest part about your job?
Keeping my head straight while constantly trying to keep all of the requests I get in order.

Do you REALLY act like a therapist to a lot of people?
That is definitely a truth, and people are secret safe with me. I think I have heard everything on the emotional spectrum.

What makes your bar so special to you?
I love the comfortable atmosphere. I think it lets people relax and connect with their loved ones. It’s nice to go out and rely on a wonderful dinner and nice glass of wine.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hopefully somewhere new. I’ve been talking about going back to school forever, it would be really nice to finally make that happen.

What’s something that people would find surprising about your job?
Probably how long I’ve been at my job . . . a decade!

Health – Back to School 30 Minute Workout


Start with a quick 2-3 minute warm-up. Try some torso twists, big arm circles forward and back, and gentle, easy squats. Follow up with a quick stretch and then get the arms and legs moving with a short jog in place or just march a few high knees.

For this workout, you will work in sets of 10. Each block of work will be broken down into four exercises. Complete one set of each exercise, rest for one minute, then move onto the next four exercises.


Block 1 – Warm Up Those Muscles
Good Mornings – Hip hinge with forward reach: With the feet hip distance apart and a slight bend in the knees, tip forward from the hips with a straight spine, reaching the arms forward and overhead as your chest becomes parallel to the floor and your hips press to just behind your heels. Bring the arms down as you engage the glutes and stand tall.
Downward Facing Dog with Opposite Knee Reach – Bring your hands to the floor and walk them out until your body is in an upside-down V, or downward facing dog pose. Reach your right hand up towards your left knee, then set it down and reach the left hand towards the right knee to complete one rep; keep the core engaged by drawing your belly button in towards the spine.
Pointers – Bring the knees down under the hips so that you are on all 4’s with a long, straight spine supported by a strong belly brace. Extend the left arm forward and the right leg back to create a straight line from the fingertips to the toes; set the hand and knee back down and repeat on the opposite side to complete one rep.
Shoulder Taps with Knee Hover – From all 4’s, press into the palms and lift the knees 1-2 inches off the floor. Bend the right arm to tap the left shoulder then repeat with the other side to complete one rep. Set the knees down as needed and try to keep the back straight the core engaged.

Block 2 – Get That Heart Pumping
Jumping Jacks – to decrease intensity, take the jump out and just tap your right foot out wide and back in, then the left to complete one rep; to increase intensity, try jumping the feet out into a wide squat and then jump them back in.
Inchworms – bend the knees and bring the hands to the floor, walk the hands out until the body is long and straight in a plank/push-up position; walk the hands back towards the feet and stand tall to complete one rep; to lower the intensity, decrease the range of motion and stop in a downward facing dog position; to increase intensity, add a push-up to your plank position, or bring the hands to the floor and jump the feet back to a plank and back in towards the hands to perform a modified burpee.
Side Lunge with High Jump – step the right leg out wide and bend into the knee to perform a side lunge, then step the right foot back in and jump up and down once; repeat with the left leg to complete one rep; to decrease intensity, take out the jump and lift the heels off the floor while reaching the arms up overhead.
High Knees – Quick high knee run in place; to decrease intensity, march the knees right/left 10 times, or try a quick jog; to increase intensity, pump the arms and try 20 or more reps to reach fatigue.

Block 3 – Arm Work
Tricep Press-ups – Start on all 4’s and bring the forearms and elbows down to the floor, with the shoulders over the elbows and the knees directly under the hips; press into the palms and straighten the arms, concentrating on the contraction of the muscles down the back of the arm; bend the elbows back down to complete one rep.
– Deadstop Push-ups with Arm Extension – start with the arms straight and the shoulders over the wrist; you may work with the knees down or up on the toes; bend the elbows to lay the chest on the floor and extend your arms out to the sides with a slight chest lift; bring the hands back down under the shoulders and push your body back up again, with knees up or down.
Cobra Push-ups – Lay on the belly with the hands directly under the shoulders and the elbows pulled in towards the ribs; keeping the hips on the ground, press into the palms and lift the chest to engage the arms and upper back; try squeezing the glutes to protect the lower back and lower down to complete the rep.
Leg Flutters with Extended Arm Lifts – Staying on the belly, extend the arms out to the sides with a slight bend in the elbows and palms facing down; lift the chest slightly and then lift the feet up and kick them as if you’re swimming; reach the arms up and down 10 times.

Block 4 – Leg Work
Squats with Knee Lift and Twist – With the feet about hip distance apart, sit the hips back and down to a squat (keep the knees tracking over the middle toes for safety); drive the heels into the floor and engage the glutes as you stand to lift the right knee forward, twisting through the torso to bring the opposite elbow towards the knee; sit back into the squat and repeat on the other side to perform one rep; to decrease intensity, leave out the twist or even the knee lift entirely; to increase intensity, try moving with more speed.
Squats with Alternating Backward-stepping Lunges – Perform the squat and at the top, step one foot back into a long lunge bending both knees to approximately 90 degrees; keep the hips square and move slower if you’re feeling unsteady in the lunge; to increase intensity, try jumping from the lunge back into your squat.
Squats with Calf Raise or Jump – Perform your squat, driving out of the heels and lifting them off the floor for a calf raise at the top of the squat; try lifting the arms over head as you press into the big toes to increase your heart rate; for more intensity, jump out of your squat and land softly, rolling back into the heels as you squat back down
Wide Squat Pulses – Step the feet wider than the hips and drop into a low squat; Come up halfway out of the squat then drop back down to perform one rep; to increase intensity, try staying with these until your muscles reach fatigue.

Block 5 – Glute Work
Hip Bridges – Lying on your back, bend the knees and pull the heels in towards the hips; press into the heels as you engage the glutes and lift your hips as high off the floor as you can; try to keep the glutes engages as you lower down to complete one rep.
Bridge Hold with Knee Squeeze – Hold the hips high in your bridge and squeeze the knees towards each other to activate the inner thighs then release without letting the hips drop.
Bridge Hold with Heel Lift – Hold the hips high in your bridge and press into the big toes as you lift the heels up and down.
Bridge Pulses – Lift the hips up high into a bridge and lower halfway down before lifting back to the top to complete one rep; to increase intensity, try staying with these until your muscles reach fatigue.

Block 6 – Core Work
Crunch with Alternating Knee Lifts – Lying on your back with your knees bent and your fingertips by the temples, tuck your chin and lift the shoulders up while reaching the hands towards one knee as it bends up and in towards the chest; repeat with the other leg to complete one rep.
Crunches with Knees Lifted – Lift both knees up over the hips with the shins parallel to the floor; tuck the chin as you lift the shoulders and reach towards to the feet to perform the crunch; option to keep feet on the floor to decrease intensity; to increase intensity, try extending the legs straight and reach up towards to the toes in your crunch.
Shoot-outs – Crunch up with the knees over the hips; extend the arms and legs out straight while keeping the lower back pressed towards the floor and then return to the crunch; to decrease intensity, keep the head and shoulders down as you open the body or tap the toes down and keep the knees bent as you reach the arms overhead.
Bicycle Legs – Lower the head and shoulders and pedal the feet as if riding a bike for 10 total repetitions; to increase intensity, lift the head and shoulders into a crunch and twist the torso to bring the opposite shoulder towards the bent knee and try continuing until the abs reach fatigue.


As a busy mom of 5 kids, I use workouts to manage both my physical and my mental health. And after years of attending group fitness classes, I decided to share the joy I found through exercise by becoming an instructor in 2017 and earning my personal trainer certification in 2019. I know not everyone enjoys working out, so my goal is to help everyone find the fun in growing stronger and healthier, especially as we age.

Sara Postalwait
Grindhouse Training




Publisher: July August 2022


Dear Kendall County Woman reader,

This issue is just so fun! Kelly Skovbjerg, Director of the Patrick Heath Public Library is just such a testament to the countless stories of people that choose to live in this area, invest their energies toward improving the community and its resources, and accomplish things that they never thought they actually might! As she celebrates 20 years with the City and the Library, Skovbjerg recounts the adventures of her career leading her ultimately to our fair city, the initiatives she has enjoyed undertaking, and even discusses the next chapters for her career.

Additionally, we always try to deliver so much relevant information for you, the ladies of Kendall County! From fashion to books to food to exercise…we cover so much information and ensure that virtually everything that we highlight has a local connection in the pursuit of supporting our small, locally owned female business owners. So as the heat bears down on us this summer, please take a minute with a glass of iced tea and a quiet back porch and enjoy a tour of the community in the pages of Kendall County Woman!

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I hope that you have a tremendous summer and enjoy this issue!


Peggy Schooley

Good Summer Reads


1. Ever Wilde
By HK Jacobs
Sometimes the end of the story is actually the beginning…Alex Wilde-ICU doctor, world traveler, adventurous heroine, and now wife to the love of her life. But even the happiest of fairy tales comes with a price. When a series of unexpected events threatens the framework of her new life with Ian, Alex retreats to her hometown of Cole’s Church, Texas where she is caught up in a web of intrigue from her past. Will returning to her roots give her the direction she needs to secure her future happiness with Ian or be the catalyst that tears them apart? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to this adventurous, romantic trilogy.

2. Hagridden
By Samuel Snoek-Brown
As the Civil War winds violently down, fears of the South’s uncertain future fuse with its unraveling traditions. Against the backdrop of the post-apocalyptic landscape, so littered with corpses and mythology and desperation, two women, stranded and alone in the Louisiana bayou, fight to survive.

3. Rowdy: Wild and Mean,
Sharp and Keen / Book 1
By Chris Mullen
Thrust to the mercy of the Mississippi river, thirteen-year-old Rowdy floats safely away as he watches the smoke rise from his burning farmhouse. His father and brother gunned down in front of him by a murderous gang of bandits. Now alone in the world, his perilous journey of survival begins, challenging and shaping him into the young man his father would want him to become.

4. The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
By J.G. Schwartz
The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy begins in the early 1920s and continues through the 1990s. It is full of intrigue with numerous plot twists including blackmail and murder. The novel is a harrowing tale of female resistance and camaraderie.

5. The Sheriffs of Kendall County Texas
By The Genealogical Society of Kendall County
Twenty-two men and one woman have served as Sheriff of Kendall County from 1862 to the present. Using primary source documents, family records, personal interviews and newspapers, we get a glimpse of what these sheriffs did during their lives and time in office. These lives have enriched the history of our county.

6. Boerne: A Brief History
By Jefferson Morgenthaler
Nestled into the rolling terrain of the Texas Hill Country, Boerne is acclaimed for its beautiful setting, salubrious climate, and strong values. Dating to 1852, the town boasts a German heritage that is evident in its community traditions and institutions. Today it is to think of Boerne as a quaint German town in the Hill Country, or as a lifestyle alternative for San Antonio commuters. But it is more. This is its story.

7. Hunting Snipes +four
By David Martin Anderson
A story collection that is sure to leave a reader spellbound. Romp into undiscovered worlds…an Indian raid on a West Texas fort in 1867, encounters with the ghost of Cole Porter in Peru, Indiana, a collection agency run amuck in Iowa during the 2020 pandemic, a serial killer hunting an elderly couple in southern Utah, and Beggar’s Night in 1938 Brooklyn during the infamous Orson Welles radio broadcast.

8. Stone: One Tough Texan / Book 1
By Janalyn Knight
Stone Thurston has been so focused on saving the family ranch and being a single father, he hasn’t given himself the chance to find love. As he works with Wy, a talented female landman, passions grow, and feelings deepen. But Wy never planned any life other than doggedly pursuing her career, and Stone can’t imagine her being anywhere but with him. When Disaster strikes, will they witness the true miracle of love?

Visit The Boerne Bookshop
153 S. Main St. #120, Boerne, TX 78006
830-249-0000 | www.TheBoerneBookshop.com